2024 Style Trends – What’s Coming, Going And How To Stay In Style


Wondering what trends are coming or going for the new year? Here are my predictions for 2024 style trends, and what I think of each one!


Trends are always coming and going, and it’s hard to keep track! Here are my predictions for 2024 style trends, which ones I’m liking, hating, which ones from last year are sticking around, and which 2024 trends I’m planning to try.

Remember, you don’t have to incorporate any of these!! It’s fun to push yourself and try new styles, but also some trends are just not worth it. My advice is to have the closet staples in your wardrobe and then add a few trendy pieces here and there to make your style feel fun and current. The most important thing is that you’re confident and happy in what you wear!



2024 Style Trends


Blazers: If you invested in a blazer in the last few years (they’ve been really trendy for the last few years), you’re in luck because they’re sticking around! They’re huge in 2024, but we’re seeing them in more solid colors, less plaids and prints. You can still absolutely wear the solid colors, but if you’re looking to add one to your closet this year, maybe choose a super classic black or navy. I’m also seeing them paired with basics like tees and bodysuits AND with button up shirts for more of an office vibe (but then dressed down with jeans and sneakers or boots).

Also, blazer trends have been really oversized the last few years, and this year they’re a little less oversized. Not fitted, like we did in 2010, but more of a relaxed fit with structured shoulders. My favorite one that I purchased last month was THIS ONE and it fits that criteria perfectly.

Metallics: The metallic trend is huge this year. It started last year and is still going strong, with even a lot of metallic jeans in stores right now. I haven’t gone so far as that, but I do like a lot of metallic in my jewelry. Also, it must be noted that SILVER IS BACK. We’ve been on a gold kick for about a decade, and now silver is on its way back. I haven’t worn silver jewelry in years, but I think I’ll be mixing it in a little bit here and there this year…and yes, you can absolutely mix and match metallics in your jewelry!

Ballet Flats: This was a trend I mentioned last year as one that was on its way in, and it took til the end of the year to really get mainstream, but now they’re in tons of stores. I personally don’t love the traditional ballet flat, but I do love an embellished option (like these that I’ve worn a ton the last month), or something with a pointed or slightly squared off toe. The traditional round ones with a little bow are not for me.

Older styles of heels we haven’t seen in a while: Mary Janes, Kitten Heels, and Sling Backs: These heels all remind me of the ones my mom and her friends wore when I was a kid, so I’m a little hesitant on most of them. But I think the key, as with any trend you want to try, is to choose it in a classic color, or with a modern or classic element that keeps it from feeling like you just pulled it out of the donation bin from 1990. Look for pointed toes, patent leather, sleek black or nude, or with modern embellishments like a metallic color or a ribbon sling back like the gorgeous dior pair.

Big colors of the year: Red, silver, peach, Lavender, Pink, Brown: If you’re not sure about wearing or investing in a new color, that’s ok! Maybe consider getting your colors done at a House of Colour place and see what colors work best for your hair and skin coloring. But if you’d like to try some of the colors of the year, red is still going strong (including red tights, which are a big trend and I personally hate), silver (as I mentioned above), Peach Fuzz (the pantone color of the year), Lavender and Powder Blue (love these for spring), Pink (Barbiecore is still going strong), and Brown (like chocolate brown…obsessed with this color for winter). I’ll be wearing all of these…except maybe peach fuzz. I’m still unsure about that one.

Rosettes + Bows: I’m loving all the bows that are out there right now, in the hair, on clothing, on shoes…it’s so feminine and fun. I just did a post about it the other day! But also rosettes are a big trend coming in 2024. I feel like they feel a little 2008 for me, but I’m not saying no to them. I’m seeing them currently on necklaces, lapels, belts, etc, and right now I’m just saying no.

Barrel Leg Jeans: I feel like I need to get a pair of these just to see what all the hype is about, but I think they look crazy. They’re just not for me. It’s like a permanent bowlegged look, and literally makes your bottom half look like a barrel. I’m sticking to wide leg and straight leg pants for now.

Less oversized, but not fitted: I mentioned this above when talking about blazers, but I’m seeing less of the SUPER oversized clothing, and more of the slouchy, relaxed fit, but still with structure. I’m liking it. It’s comfortable, it has that effortless feel, and it doesn’t look like you’re drowning in clothes.

Button up shirts: Preppy is big this year, and I think it’s a big rebound after several years of post-covid MAJOR athleisure-wear. Collars, pleats, blazers, jackets, belts…it’s all here. But if you want to incorporate a little bit of preppy into your closet, choose a classic button up shirt. I’m seeing lots of crisp white shirts paired with skirts and jeans and trousers and blazers, but also the denim shirt is making its way back into our closets. If you hung on to yours, your in luck, cause it’s back!

Sleek boots with a stacked heel: Don’t worry, if you bought THEEE Chelsea boots (HERE or HERE) or a pair of black city or ankle boots, they’re still going strong this year. They’re particularly good with wider leg jeans (cropped or full length) and perfect for those cold climates. My Chelsea boots are my everyday boot during the winter…I literally wear them almost everyday!

Tall boots: We’ve seen tall boots coming back since the fall, and although riding style boots have been in on the East coast forever where it’s always preppier, the tall riding or knee high leather boot is back for everyone. I’m seeing them more in sleek black than brown, but you choose what works best for your closet. I’m loving them with midi skirts, sweater dresses, and leggings with a relaxed blazer or shorter coat.

Sneaker trends: platform lace up sneakers, Adidas Sambas, Nike Dunks, high tops: You can wear whatever kind of sneaker you’d like, but these are some big ones I’m seeing right now. Adidas Sambas are about the most popular sneaker out there right now, but I’m living in my high top converse, and platform vans and converse and Nike Dunks are still as popular as ever. Lots of you have asked about Golden Goose, and while they are not the “it” shoe right now, they are absolutely still in style and I wear mine often. So if you have a pair, you should definitely keep wearing them.


I hope this is helpful! Which trends are you loving from this list? Which are you hating? Are there other big trends you’re seeing or you’re wondering about? Let’s chat about it over on Instagram today!




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