My Favorite Places to Shop For My Boys

shopping for boys

Wondering where to shop for boy’s clothes? Here are my favorite shops to buy clothes for my three boys.


As my boys get older, they’re getting more opinions about what they wear. They want certain brands for certain items, and are particular about fabric for maximum comfort. So we’ve found some new stores to shop at for older kids. My boys are 13, 10, and 7,  and here are my (and their) favorite stores to shop for boys’ clothes.


Where We Shop For Boy’s Clothes 

Nike. This is probably my boy’s number one choice, and right now lots of Nike pieces are on sale for 20% off with code SCHOOL20!  My boys love their shoes, comfy shorts, dri-fit shirts, and of course the famous Nike tube socks. THESE SWEAT SHORTS are some of my 13 year old’s very favorite cause they’re a good length and super soft and comfy. All of my boys also own THESE SHORTS, which are really similar and only $30. They’ve been worn and washed tons of times and still look brand new. My younger two boys love wearing THESE BASKETBALL SHORTS — they’re super comfy and look nicer. Basic DRI-FIT TEES LIKE THESE are great options as well. We have several versions of these and they’re super soft and comfy, with a nice dri-fit material. And of course EVERYONE’S FAVORITE TUBE SOCKS.

J.Crew Factory. We love J.Crew Factory for nicer pieces for the boys at affordable prices. They have lots of good stuff for fall family pictures if you’re looking for something! THIS LONG SLEEVE HOODED HENLEY is so cute, they have great POLO SHIRTS IN SOLID COLORS, I love this QUARTER ZIP PULLOVER, THIS BUTTON UP GINGHAM SHIRT, and this is a great pair of NICE SHORTS and NICE-CASUAL PANTS.

Appaman. Appaman is where we get my boy’s really nice suits. We’ve been buying these suits since they were little kids and they’re the kinds of pieces you can pass down from kid to kid because they’re made so well. They’re super high quality, fully lined, and can even be washed in the machine. We’ve tried a few different fabrics, and I’ve found that all are good except the linen, which tends to need extra ironing (which I don’t have as much time for with my boy’s clothes). They are a little more pricey (although absolutely worth the money because of the quality), but H&M has similar options for lower prices, and THESE PANTS FROM AMAZON are a great option if you don’t want a suit coat.

Nordstrom. I rarely buy my boys things at Nordstrom, but I just heard about THESE WHITE DRESS SHIRTS, which are a little nicer for older kids than the WHITE DRI-FIT POLO SHIRTS that they’ve been wearing for years. The polo shirts work super well for the younger boys, but my oldest is graduating to nicer pieces for church so I snagged him two of these while they’re on sale for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Amazon. Amazon has a zillion things for kids, but I buy a few specific clothing items for my kids from Amazon. THESE LEGGINGS are a staple in their fall/winter/spring wardrobes. They wear them under their shorts for extra warmth. I also buy them THESE JOGGERS and THESE JOGGERS, which are a good winter pant that isn’t too heavy (or they’ll get too hot in school) but still keeps their legs warm in the winter. THESE PUFFER JACKETS are great for winter and again, not so heavy that they’ll complain. I buy their NECKTIES FOR CHURCH RIGHT HERE and HERE, as well as the WHITE DRI-FIT POLO SHIRTS that they wear to church and their CHURCH SHOES HERE and HERE.

Hanna Andersson. I buy basically all their PAJAMAS from Hanna Andersson cause in the winter I love them in matching Christmas jammies, and in the summer they’ll just wear the pants or shorts with no shirt. Hanna Andersson also has fantastic GRAPHIC TEES that are cute and super high quality, so they’ll last for years.

Rockets of Awesome. This is one of my favorite little fun stores with cool pieces that feel unique and special and interesting. They’re also super high quality and good prices! They have JOGGERS and JACKETS and cool T-SHIRTS and more!

Abercrombie. My boys rarely wear jeans, but when they do, they always wear ABERCROMBIE JEANS. They have a great fit and they’re nice and soft. Their skinny jeans are especially good for skinny boys!

A few other places that are hit and miss…

  • H&M (their online stuff is always better than in store, in my opinion)
  • Old Navy (they’re cheap, but not always the best quality. Definitely hit or miss depending on the item)
  • Target (they have good stuff for younger kids but I haven’t found anything great for my older kids for a while).
  • Finish Line (they sometimes have good deals on name brand shoes and clothes!)

I hope that’s helpful as you do your back to school shopping!



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