Monochromatic Summer Outfits

Monochromatic Summer Outfits

I love putting together a good monochromatic outfit – they’re stylish, simple, and classic. Here are some cute and easy looks to copy.


I love a simple look, and I had so much fun putting these monochromatic summer outfits together. Dressing in all one color in summer is hard because you aren’t adding many extra layers. Here are some great layer-free ideas.


Summer Monochromatic Outfits

monochromatic pink

1. Monochromatic pink in the summer

With the release of the Barbie movie, pink has been huge this summer. And I love an all hot-pink outfit, but lighter pink is much easier to wear and I have lots more of it in my closet. I paired these blush pink pants with a mauve top. They’re both in the pink family and create a really nice monochromatic outfit while still having a little contrast.

SPANX PANTS (wearing size XS, use code MERRICKXSPANX) | MAURICES TOP (wearing size XS) | COLE HAAN WEDGES



monochromatic black

2. Monochromatic black in summer

Can you wear black in the summer? YES! I wore this outfit the other day and loved it so much…black shorts and a black tee create a cool vibe, and then I added some pops to make it feel more appropriate for summer. Metallic sneakers and a hot pink hat were the perfect accessories to make it feel less basic.

NORDSTROM BLACK SHORTS (wearing size 26, my normal size) | BLACK CUTS TEE(wearing size small) | GOLDEN GOOSE SNEAKERS | ANTHROPOLOGIE HAT



monochromatic tan

3. Monochromatic tan/cream/white in summer

I’m obsessed with monochromatic white outfits. Just pull shades of tan or blush in there instead of white and you’ve got a really gorgeous, chic outfit that’s a little more wearable than solid white.

RUFFLE SLEEVE SWEATER (wearing size XS) | MADEWELL JEANS (wearing size 25, size down on size!) | SIMILAR WOVEN SANDALS



monochromatic navy

4. Monochromatic navy in summer

Navy is one of my favorite colors to wear, and this navy pair of linen pants and a navy and white striped tee feels chic and simple, while still being monochromatic. You could also do other shades of solid blue, like baby blue or denim with navy blue pants!

ANTHROPOLOGIE LINEN PANTS (wearing size 25, size down one size) | MADEWELL SWEATER (wearing size XS) | SIMILAR LEATHER SANDALS (mine are Hermes brand)


I hope this inspires you to put together pieces that you maybe wouldn’t think to pair this summer!




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