Little Boy Suits for Weddings, Church, Christmas, and More!

little boy suits for wedding

These are the most perfect little boy suits for a wedding, church, Christmas event, or any other reason to dress up your little boy!


There are so many good suits for little boys now! When I first had kids, not so much.

When I had my first son, nine years ago, I went looking for a newborn blessing suit for him. It was so hard to find one that was cute, had a good fit, and was well made. It was basically non-existent. Everything was so ill-fitted, super cheesy, or so cheap-y.

It honestly didn’t get much better for the first four or five years of his life. But now! There are several really great options, and we’ve found our favorite suits for a wedding or church every week. We wanted to share them, plus our favorite white dress shirts for boys, ties for little boys, and other dressy pieces for little boys.


The best suits for little boys for a wedding or church

I discovered APPAMAN SUITS a few years ago, and instantly fell in love with them. They’re perfectly tailored, LITTLE BOY SUITS. They range from size 2T to size 10, and the quality is unmatched.

We first had these NAVY SUITS for the big boys, and then we got the GRAY LINEN suits for all three of them (as seen here), and for Easter this year we got THESE BLUE SUITS (as seen HERE).

My boys have literally worn them every single Sunday for over a year, and they’re still in nearly perfect condition. They’re pricey, but the quality is there and these will last you for a long time. Even with regular wear and on sometimes crazy little boys! Also, the navy and brighter blue suits we got were machine washable, so I washed them regularly. However, the linen ones we got last year are dry clean only, which I didn’t realize until I got them. But then my kids unknowingly put them in the hamper, my husband did the laundry, and they all went through the wash. They didn’t shrink at all, and just needed a good pressing when they got out. Phew! Now i know I can wash them occasionally instead of dry cleaning only (cause no one has time to dry clean their kids clothes)!

But I do recommend the NON-linen ones. The linen ones are more stiff and get wrinkled so easily. The other ones look amazing all day, and can be packed in a drawer for a week and come out looking pretty perfect still.


Suits for little boys for less

If you’re looking for less expensive options, APPAMAN SUITS ARE ON SALE HERE pretty often, or THESE SUITS are similar and a lower price!



More casual pants you can pair with your suit coat for a wedding or church

If you want a pair of pants that’s a little more casual, THESE ONES are a great slim fit and look great with the fitted suit coat.



The best dress shirts for little boys

It probably doesn’t surprise you that my boys hate wearing stiff button down shirts…especially underneath a suit coat with a tie.

I bought so many white dress shirts before discovering THESE DRI-FIT POLO SHIRTS. They look nice, they don’t have to be ironed (pressing a tiny dress shirt is pure torture), they’re lightweight and breathable, and super comfy for little boys.

My boys happily wear them all day long every Sunday, and when they get dirty I just bleach them and they’re good as new.

They’re $12 for a two pack and come in a ton of colors!



Dress shoes for little boys

You can’t forget the shoes! If your little man is dressed to the nines in an amazing suit, he needs some good shoes to go with it. I linked some great ones below!

Don’t forget the socks too! THESE BLACK SOCKS are the best. Comfortable, sturdy, and classic.



Ties for little boys

We have a lot of ties from different shops, but some of our favorites are Boon Ties! They have great basic ties and some cute prints too.

Use code MERRICK15 to get 15% off at Boon Ties!


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