Two Beauty Products That Keep Your Makeup in Place All Day

humidity proof makeup tips

Do you have these two items in your makeup drawer? They help your makeup last all day, even through humidity!


Humidity proof makeup products without starting from scratch

We’re in the hottest month of the year here in Texas, so I’m pulling out all the tricks for humidity proof makeup!

My skin is pretty particular, so I was concerned about switching to a new foundation, especially one with a lot of heavy coverage. No need for that. I use Jane Iredale’s BB cream and love that it gives me a nice glow, has good medium coverage, and doesn’t make me break out.

So instead of trying a ton of new foundations (and risking my skin hating me), I tried a few primers and powders and found a really fantastic combination that helps any makeup stay in place through humidity. No need to go out and buy a $60 bottle of some foundation.


Two products that help your makeup stay in place all day

1. Setting Spray. The best one out there is All Nighter from Urban Decay, but my mom recently told me about Ulta Beauty’s matte setting spray, and I actually love it and think it works almost just as well. And it’s a fraction of the price!

Here’s the trick with the setting spray:

  • Spray it on a clean, dry face.
  • Let it almost dry until it’s just a little bit tacky.
  • Then apply your foundation or BB cream.
  • When all your makeup is done, spray your face again and let it completely dry.


2. Setting powder. I’ve tried a bunch over the years, but a ton of you recommended Laura Mercier’s Transluscent Setting Powder, so I had to try it. It honestly lives up to the hype and keeps everything in place all day!!

It only comes in two shades — a very dark tan and a light (almost white) powder. I was nervous about the super white, but when you put it on it doesn’t lighten the color of your face at all. It goes on clear.

I tap a little into the lid of the powder jar, and then apply with a big fluffy brush in short sweeping motions, and sometimes soft dabbing motions. You want to make sure you get good coverage with this powder, but don’t worry – a little goes a long way so a jar will last you for many months.


See my entire makeup routine RIGHT HERE



Remember this if you’ve just moved to a humid climate

Another important thing to note is that when you move to a humid climate, your skin and your hair are going to need some time to adjust. I started breaking out really badly a few weeks after we moved here, and my hair felt constantly greasy.

Give it some time.

Now, six months in, my skin has adjusted, and my hair has regulated it’s production of oils.

So if you’ve just moved to a new climate, don’t panic. Let your body take a minute to adjust and regroup.



If you’re in the market for a new foundation, these are the ones that you guys recommended from Instagram!

The most popular recommendations for humidity proof makeup

These are the ones that were recommended over and over again by you guys!


FOUNDATION recommendations for humid weather


POWDER recommendations for humid weather


PRIMERS and SETTING SPRAYS for humid weather


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