The Hunt for the Best Side Sleeper Pillow

I’ve been getting some rotten sleep the last few months. Our pillows were old and in need of a major replacement, and I was waking up with a sore neck almost every morning.

So I asked on my Instagram for the best side sleeper pillow recommendations, and got a ton of great recommendations.

We tried the top suggestions, and we found an AMAZING pillow. I’m excited to share today!

The one I ended up with was the Coop Home Goods pillow. TONS of you recommended it!

It comes in standard, queen, and king size, and since we have a king bed we obviously purchased the king size.

When it arrived in the box, it was rolled up and very flat. I assumed it would be like those mattresses that inflate when you cut them out of their plastic wrap, but it didn’t. I found an instructional video, and you have to sort of bunch the pillow with your hands to get the shredded foam inside to fluff up and activate.

Within a couple minutes, it was completely inflated and ready to try out.

Here are a few of the reasons I love THIS PILLOW:

  • it’s incredibly soft. Like sleeping on the softest blanket. It’s different than any other pillow I’ve ever slept on, seriously.
  • it doesn’t get hot
  • you can open it up and add or remove the filling to make it fuller or flatter (you can purchase additional filling HERE)
  • it has a 100 day money-back guarantee, and a five year guarantee that it won’t go flat!
  • it’s under $70, and the Eden (which I’m getting Philip) is under $90
  • It keeps it shape and you don’t press into it like memory foam (I hate that because it’s uncomfortable when I shift positions)
  • It gives great neck support
  • It’s very easy to wash. I haven’t washed mine yet, but everyone mentioned this.

Philip likes a firmer pillow, so I’m ordering him the EDEN Coop pillow. It’s firmer and has extra cooling technology.

If you’re in the market for a good side sleeper pillow, this is such a good choice!

I thought I’d share the other top suggestions below in case you’re interested:



  1. This is amazing! I’ve been needing a new pillow, but I had no idea where to start. (Especially since the last pillows I bought were not great for a stomach sleeper. 🙁 ) Thank you!!

  2. Leslie says:

    THANK YOU!! Annoying neck pain in the morning has had me browsing pillows at costco but I am immediately ordering two of these from amazon. thanks for doing the research so I don’t have to :o)

  3. Jessie says:

    Yass I’m so excited you loved it! Mine has been life changing

  4. esther @iliketocreatestuff says:

    I tend to follow your blog more closely than your instagram so i missed the pillow discussion. so, too little too late, but i’m glad to see your suggestions. however, i wanted to share that i move around a lot in my sleep, and for me, i bought a NOVAFORM MEMORY FOAM CONTOUR pillow from costco probably 5-8 years ago and i LOOOOVE it. i used to get a kink in my neck about once a month. with this pillow, it’s down to once a year. i mean, wake-up-and-end-up-at-the-doctor-because-my-boss-sends-me-home kind of kinks. i couldn’t believe the improvement. i then bought one for my husband, who has very different sleeping habits as me, and he loves it too. i tried using a different pillow last week just to see what would happen and i kinked my neck after three days on a different pillow. so i’m back to my trusty novaform ergonomic. we’ve tried other brands too and they are too big or too small, etc. i’m loyal to my novaform!

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