The Hunt for the Best Side Sleeper Pillow

best side pillow

I’ve been getting some rotten sleep the last few months. Our pillows were old and in need of a major replacement, and I was waking up with a sore neck almost every morning.

So I asked on my Instagram for the best side sleeper pillow recommendations, and got a ton of great recommendations.

We tried the top suggestions, and we found an AMAZING pillow. I’m excited to share today!

my favorite pillow

The Best Side Pillow

The one I ended up with was the Coop Home Goods pillow. TONS of you recommended it!

It comes in standard, queen, and king size, and since we have a king bed we obviously purchased the king size.

When it arrived in the box, it was rolled up and very flat. I assumed it would be like those mattresses that inflate when you cut them out of their plastic wrap, but it didn’t. I found an instructional video, and you have to sort of bunch the pillow with your hands to get the shredded foam inside to fluff up and activate.

Within a couple minutes, it was completely inflated and ready to try out.

Here are a few of the reasons I love THIS PILLOW:

  • it’s incredibly soft. Like sleeping on the softest blanket. It’s different than any other pillow I’ve ever slept on, seriously.
  • it doesn’t get hot
  • you can open it up and add or remove the filling to make it fuller or flatter (you can purchase additional filling HERE)
  • it has a 100 day money-back guarantee, and a five year guarantee that it won’t go flat!
  • it’s under $70, and the Eden (which I’m getting Philip) is under $90
  • It keeps it shape and you don’t press into it like memory foam (I hate that because it’s uncomfortable when I shift positions)
  • It gives great neck support
  • It’s very easy to wash. I haven’t washed mine yet, but everyone mentioned this.

Philip likes a firmer pillow, so I’m ordering him the EDEN Coop pillow. It’s firmer and has extra cooling technology.

If you’re in the market for the best side sleeper pillow, this is such a good choice!

I thought I’d share the other top suggestions below in case you’re interested:



  1. This is amazing! I’ve been needing a new pillow, but I had no idea where to start. (Especially since the last pillows I bought were not great for a stomach sleeper. 🙁 ) Thank you!!

  2. Leslie says:

    THANK YOU!! Annoying neck pain in the morning has had me browsing pillows at costco but I am immediately ordering two of these from amazon. thanks for doing the research so I don’t have to :o)

  3. Jessie says:

    Yass I’m so excited you loved it! Mine has been life changing

  4. esther @iliketocreatestuff says:

    I tend to follow your blog more closely than your instagram so i missed the pillow discussion. so, too little too late, but i’m glad to see your suggestions. however, i wanted to share that i move around a lot in my sleep, and for me, i bought a NOVAFORM MEMORY FOAM CONTOUR pillow from costco probably 5-8 years ago and i LOOOOVE it. i used to get a kink in my neck about once a month. with this pillow, it’s down to once a year. i mean, wake-up-and-end-up-at-the-doctor-because-my-boss-sends-me-home kind of kinks. i couldn’t believe the improvement. i then bought one for my husband, who has very different sleeping habits as me, and he loves it too. i tried using a different pillow last week just to see what would happen and i kinked my neck after three days on a different pillow. so i’m back to my trusty novaform ergonomic. we’ve tried other brands too and they are too big or too small, etc. i’m loyal to my novaform!

  5. Emeli Smith says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing your experience and advice. In fact, the blanket and pillow plays a big role in healthy sleep. For example, I after buying a weighted blanket, began to sleep much better. So I believe that quality blankets, pillows or mattress plays a big role in your healthy sleep.
    So you are not in vain looking for the right pillow to sleep.

  6. Judi says:

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