The Best Bras, Camisoles, and My Other Favorite Under Layers

The best bras, camisoles, and my other favorite undergarments

I’ve tried so many different bras and camisoles over the years and finally want to share my favorites! These are the best bras for wearing under t-shirts, and my favorite cami’s and under tees for extra coverage.


Let’s talk about undergarments. I want to share the best bras, cami’s, and other under layers that are essential in my closet!

A few months ago I took a 10 day break from social media. During that time, so as to not interrupt my regular posting, I had my wonderful assistant take over my instagram for me. She posted, answered direct messages, and responded to comments.

About two days in, she sent me a text telling me how hilarious it was that literally nothing was off limits in my direct messages — she’d already answered several questions about my undergarments!

It’s true — you guys are often asking about what I’m wearing under my clothes, so today I wanted to share a few of my favorite bras, cami’s, and the cap sleeve half tee I made myself a few years ago and can’t live without.


Third Love T-shirt Bras have been a favorite of mine for years.

Basically my entire closet is t-shirts and sweaters, so of course t-shirt specific bras are right up my alley.

I got a few of THESE THIRD LOVE T-SHIRT BRAS and they’re my go to everyday bra.

They’re comfortable enough to sleep in!

Also I love that they have underwire to help give you good shape, but it’s really comfortable underwire. They never cut into you, and honestly I don’t get that “ahhhh” feeling when I take off my bra at night because it’s already so dang comfortable!

They also come in a ton of nude colors for all skin colors.

Note: they don’t have any padding. They have thin memory foam cups. So if you need/want a little extra girth, keep in mind that these will not provide this.

Shop this bra RIGHT HERE.

Victoria’s Secret’s Push Up T-Shirt Bra is the most comfortable push-up bra I’ve ever worn.

I think every woman should have at least one push up bra in her closet, and these are the most comfortable ones I’ve found. They have good lift without being crazy padded, and the underwire is really comfortable as well.

I have another push up bra that’s lacey, and although it looks pretty, I hate that I can’t wear it with a thin shirt because the lace creates little bumps under my shirt.

THESE T-SHIRT PUSH UP BRA’S are smooth and soft while still giving you a little extra lift.

shop this bra RIGHT HERE.

This Sloggi ZERO Feel Bra feels like wearing a cloud.

Sloggi sent me one of THEIR ZERO FEEL BRAS a few months ago and guaranteed me that I would fall in love with it.

Honestly, I did.

This is the kind of bra you should wear around the house, under a sweatshirt, or even to sleep in if you’re breastfeeding and need some support.

It doesn’t have any underwire, so the support is lower, but it has nice wide straps, a weightless band under the bust, and padding.

If you need a really good comfort bra, this is your bra.

Shop this bra RIGHT HERE (and size up!)


If you need shape and comfort, Spanx Bra-llelujah Wireless Bra is the bra for you.

If you want an insanely comfortable everyday bra with a little more padding and shape, THIS SPANX BRA is your bra.

My favorite thing about it is the back — it clasps in the front so the back is thick and elastic and smoothing. Also the wide straps are crazy comfortable. They’ll never dig into your shoulders or slide around!

Shop this bra right HERE

Now let’s talk about under tees and camisoles.

There are two undergarments that are essential for my wardrobe and I wear constantly. A nude cami, and a nude half tee with cap sleeves.

This nude camisole is my favorite and only $12!

I’ve tried a lot of camisoles over the years and THIS $12 BP. ONE is my favorite. It’s lightweight, a good nude color, and nice and long that it’s easy to tuck into skirts and jeans without sliding up.

You can shop this cami RIGHT HERE and I wear a size small.


A nude half under tee is an essential for lace and sheer tops.

I made myself THIS NUDE HALF UNDER TEE a couple of years ago and I have worn it so many times since then.

If a dress or top doesn’t have good coverage or lining, I slip it on and it covers everything without adding bulk to my waist.

This is the easiest sewing tutorial you’ll ever make. Honestly, any of you could make this.

Find the sewing tutorial RIGHT HERE.

Or you can buy a similar one RIGHT HERE.


My favorite no-show underwear for workouts

Lots of you ask what underwear I wear for running — these are different from the religious undergarments I wear for everyday.

A year or so ago I found these super lightweight NO SHOW LASER CUT ONES at Target and they’re the ones I wear everyday for my workouts.

They’re insanely lightweight, but they’ve held up great in the wash and through workouts.

They’re on sale for $2.50 per pair RIGHT HERE

photos by priscilla frey


the best bras, cami's, and my other favorite undergarments

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