My favorite supportive, comfortable, affordable sports bra

my favorite sports bras ever

I found the most amazing sports bra. Comfortable, supportive, padded, and under $25!

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Sports bra – three pack
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I went on the hunt for the perfect sports bra

A few months ago I went down a rabbit hole of research to find the best sports bras. After reading a million online reviews, googling, etc, I stumbled upon THESE SPORTS BRAS.

It’s a three pack for only TWENTY THREE DOLLARS! What?!

It seemed almost too good to be true, but of course with free 2-day shipping I had to try them.

And, spoiler alert…they’re amazing.

the best sports bras out there
These sports bras are three for under $25 and they're SO GOOD
favorite sports bras, three for $23

Here’s what makes these sports bras so amazing:

  • The price. Can’t beat three sports bras for under twenty five bucks.
  • They’re insanely comfortable. I’ve had plenty of sports bras that dig into my rib cage or my shoulders, or just feel uncomfortable for one reason or another. These ones don’t do any of that. They’re soft, lightweight, and have nice, thick, comfortable straps.
  • The support. We all know that supportive sports bras are really important, especially as a runner. These bras keep everything held in without feeling restrictive at all. It’s basically a miracle.
  • The padding. I’ve purchased so many sports bras that don’t have pads in them — whyyyy?? No one needs to see headlights at the gym or on my morning run. The padding is pretty hefty on these sports bras, just FYI, but better too much than too little in my opinion!

Trust me, if you’re in the market for a good sports bra, this will be the best $23 you’ve spent all month!


photos by priscilla frey

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