My Top Summer Running Essentials

my top running essentials

These are my running essentials for summer. The best shorts, tanks, sports bras and socks that wash well and keep you a little more dry. Plus my favorite hair ties to keep my hair out of the way while I exercise!


Nike FlyKnit Running Shoes

I’ve been wearing these for the last 2 years and it’s definitely time to replace them. But holy cow, they are such good running shoes. They’re flexible and don’t constrict my feet, and they’re great for doing plyometric exercises like I do in BBG.

I’m buying myself a new pair because they’re that good!

Fruit of the Loom Running Socks

I’ve been using Bombas socks for the past few years and they’re honestly the most supportive, amazing, thick socks that I’ve ever worn. But they’re also really expensive. So I thought I’d try THESE FRUIT OF THE LOOM ONES because they boys have them and after six months they’ve had zero holes. Unheard of.

So I bought them, and they are seriously like walking on clouds. Perfect for everyday, AND for running!



Wireless Headphones

Earbuds that have good sound AND stay in your ears while you’re running AND are affordable are hard to find. I got THESE ONES FROM PLANTRONICS almost a year ago and love, love, love them. They’re comfortable, they don’t fall out, and they’re really small. Also the battery life is very long. I only charge them every week or two, and I’m using them for at least thirty minutes every day.

I did buy Philip a pair of AIRPODS for his birthday and he swears by them. I haven’t personally used them, but based on the fact that half the world has a pair, I think they’re also great.


Running Tank

There are so many good running tanks out there, so I’ve linked some of my favorites. I love muscle tanks, I really love Sweaty Betty’s SEAMLESS TANKS, and I love ATHLETA’s speedlight tank.



Sports Bra

I have several amazing sports bras, and I wrote about one of my favorite affordable sports bras RIGHT HERE.

But lately one of my all time favorites is THIS ONE FROM ATHLETA. It’s crazy comfortable, super supportive, nice and lightweight, and flattering! I’m obsessed. Get one right now. I’m getting several more.



Running Shorts

I’ve been sharing a lot of leggings and running tights over the last few seasons, because California summers are still cool in the morning. In Texas, we can only do shorts.

I’ve found a few pairs of really good running shorts. THESE SHORTS FROM AMAZON are the same brand as the buttery soft leggings I bought last year and love so much. These shorts are just as good! Size down in them.

The other pair of running shorts I found were THESE ONES FROM AMAZON. I have two pairs and I’ve been running in them for over a year. They are comfortable, lightweight, and perfect for those hot day runs.

Ponytail Holders

I like to run or workout with my hair in a high, tight bun on top of my head. I hate when my hair falls or flips around, so it needs to be out of the way and secure.

I found THESE PONYTAIL HOLDERS last year and they’re amazing. They don’t leave creases in your hair, they’re great for everyday or exercising, and they come in a ton of colors RIGHT HERE.

Apple Watch.

I wear my Apple Watch about 23 hours a day. I wear it when I sleep to track my sleep, I wear it when I exercise, and I wear it throughout the day to keep track of a bunch of other things. I wrote a whole post about my watch RIGHT HERE.

I love wearing it when I run because it tracks my mileage, heart rate, pace, calories burned, etc.

Mine came with an athletic band, and I wear that for sleeping and exercising. But during the day I switch out the band for my BROWN LEATHER BAND that I bought on Amazon.

$10 Running Belt

I found this RUNNING BELT for ten bucks on Amazon a few months ago and I use it every time I run. It holds a key and my phone, it’s lightweight and flat, and it doesn’t bump around at all as I run. So many of you have messaged me and told me that you bought it and love it too, so it gets rave reviews all around.

Pre-workout Powder

This is a little packet of energy powder that you take like a pixie stick before working out. I take one every morning about 10 minutes before I start my workout and it gives me a burst of energy so I can push myself super hard in my workout. I only do a 30 minute workout every day, so I try to make every bit count. You can buy them RIGHT HERE, and you can get 50% off with their customer loyalty program!

If you need some flavor recommendations, sweet mint is my very favorite. The minty flavor is just like having a piece of gum or a mint early in the morning, so it’s perfect for those early morning exercise sessions when my stomach isn’t ready to handle something super sweet or sour. But I also really like sour strawberry!


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    Merrick would you do another what i eat in a day , or week, now that you are in texas and are in the gym doing your workouts?? you look amazing, super healthy and seem to have so much energy. would like your opinion on how to keep the energy going all day long!!

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    I think everyone has a favorite things that you want to wear before training

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