How I Get My Air Dried Beachy Waves (Video Tutorial)

how to get natural air dried beachy waves

A quick video showing you how to get air dried beachy waves with just a few simple steps!

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How pregnancy hormones made my hair curly

When I was little, my hair was stick straight. And it remained stick straight throughout college, and even after I got married.

But when I got pregnant with my first baby, and after he was born, I noticed that a section of my hair at the base of my neck (underneath the top layers), had bumps in it. Definitely not curls, or waves, but just a few bumps that disrupted the rest of my straight hair. Crazy hormones.

After baby number two, and then baby number three, this section of “waves” has become more and more pronounced around my head, and I always have just straightened my hair and then curled it with a curling iron.

There’s a learning curve with natural curls

But a few months ago I decided to give the natural curls a try. There’s a total learning curve with handling curly hair, and I’ve done tons of research and watched lots of how-to videos to figure this all out.

Now I’m excited to share my own video of how I do my beach natural waves.

natural beachy waves hair tutorial

Products I use for my air dried beachy waves

1. CURL CREAM. I use this Aveda Curl CreamYou guys recommended a bunch of good curl products, but I decided to try Curl Cream from Aveda and I’ve ended up liking it. It doesn’t make my hair crunchy at all, but holds the curl really nicely.

The only downside is that I don’t love the smell, but the other products I use cover up the smell so it’s fine. Once I run out of my bottle I’ll try another brand and let you guys know. The other recommended products are at the bottom of this post!

2. LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER. I read that putting in a leave in conditioner before the curl cream helps combat frizz, keeps your curls smooth, and helps them stay shiny. I’ve been using Neva’s Intense Therapy Leave-in Conditioner and I love it. It smells good, it’s lightweight, it keeps my hair smooth, and a little goes a long way.

3. COTTON ANTI-FRIZZ TOWEL. I just recently learned about “plopping” your hair, which basically means you “plop” your hair upside down in a cotton towel, wrap it up, and let it dry in the wrap. I show you how to do it in the video below. A terrycloth towel is super bad for your hair, especially curly hair, so a lightweight cotton towel LIKE THIS ONE is really great.

4. FINISHING SPRAY. I keep talking about my love of Navy Hair Care products because I actually do love them and use them regularly. The Style Navigator spray is a finishing spray that I use after my beachy waves have dried. It gives definition and shine to my waves and makes them look amazing.


check out this video to see it step by step!


P.S.  These were the other top recommendations for curl products:

bumble and bumble sea salt spray

deva curl coconut cream styler

Deva Curl ultra defining gel

Not your mothers Curl Talk

Leave in conditioners and anti frizz products you recommended

garnier’s anti frizz serum 

biolage anti frizz serum

kinky-curly knot today 

Aveda dry remedy oil

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  1. Sharon says:

    My hair turned wavy the same way when I was in Grade 4 lol. I remember having that same bump (same spot, too!) and wondering what the heck was going on an wondered if it was caused by me sleeping in a weird position. Fast forward to my teens, and I had some wicked curls going on. After I had my son 2 years ago, my hair started growing in with a *very* slight wave. I also grew a widow’s peak lmao so there are hormones for you 😛

    I really enjoy your videos, btw! When the screen showed the Day 2 part, I was impressed that you thought to show us that!!

    • Merrick says:

      haha what a wild ride for you! I’ve never heard of hormones causing a widows peak — so interesting!!

      Also glad you enjoyed the videos — I’m trying to share more since I think they’re more helpful for people that a whole bunch of text 😉

      Thanks for watching and commenting! xx

  2. Kris colucci says:

    I ordered that towel in your link. Wow! What an amazing DIFFERENCE i see in my hair. Who knew a smooth towel coulD make such a DIFFERENCE? . I use all monat hair products and their leave in conditioner and curl cream are wonderful.(so is EVERYTHING they make) All tHeir products are plant based and sMell great I want to order towels for My gurlfi on my CHRISTMAS list. Thanks for the tip! Kris

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