Summer Outfit Ideas for Hot Weather

It’s summertime, and it’s hot! Here are some easy summer outfit ideas for hot weather that keep you covered, cute, and comfortable.


A bunch of easy hot weather outfit ideas that still keep you covered

We are in full blown summer over here with temperatures in the 90s every day. And it’s only getting hotter.

So what do you wear on those hot, hot days when you have to get dressed? Some people wear short shorts and tanks, but because of my religious undergarments (which many of you of my faith wear too), I have to keep my shoulders covered and keep my shorts longer. Yes, it gets hot 😉

But not to worry! I’ve got a bunch of good and easy hot weather outfit ideas below. Check them out and tell me your favorites.


Check out these easy summer outfit ideas for hot weather


Bermuda Shorts


accessories to wear with a simple summer dress

White Jeans

white jeans and a gray tee


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  1. Joanna says:

    I like bermuda shorts very much although it’s very hard for me to find a pair that fits well.
    On another note I would like to add a different perspective on being covered during summer. I live in Greece where we get hot weather for almost 6 months every year. The sun shines even in winter, which I really appreciate. But…
    in the summer months it is best to be covered to protect your skin from the sun and heat. also as a woman I don’t like very short bottoms because you never know where you might sit and catch a virus. Better be protected.

  2. Steph says:

    HEY merrick, could you write more posts about what it’s like to live in dallas? I’m considering moving to texas and i’d like to know what to expect

  3. you motivate me seriously so much! I was also wondering what do you think about your Apple Watch?


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