21 Better Than Basic Jumpsuits and Dresses for Summer

navy blue jumpsuit

This week is Better Than Basics week! Today we’re talking all about Better Than Basic summer jumpsuits and dresses. Here are 21 really fantastic ones!

Do you own a few better than basic summer jumpsuits and dresses?

In the summer when it’s crazy hot, we all need those easy pieces you can just toss on without layers or fuss. Typically they’re summer jumpsuits or dresses.

I like to call them the “one-and-done” pieces.

If you don’t own  any, now is the time to grab a few for your summer wardrobe.

What makes a summer jumpsuit or dress better than basic?

These are the kinds of jumpsuits or dresses that are a step above your basics.

Here are some things to look for in a Better Than Basic jumpsuit or dress.

  • Fabric – the quality or type of the fabric makes a big difference in how nice a dress or jumpsuit looks and feels. Linen, lace, eyelet, ponte knit, crisp cotton…all are great choices.
  • Color – bright or saturated colors are fun and not so basic!
  • Print – stripes, polka dots, floral, gingham…prints make these pieces so fun.
  • Shape – swing dresses, wide leg jumpsuits, tiered dresses, fit and flare dresses, jumpsuits and dresses with waist ties
  • Sleeve, neckline, and waist details  – puffed sleeves, square or v-shaped necklines, wrap style, ruffle sleeves, tie sleeves, waist tie…so many options!

How to wear a better than basic jumpsuit or dress

Since these are one-and-done pieces, the only thing you have to add is accessories!

And these accessories will make or break the outfit, so choose wisely.

  • Add a baseball cap or felt fedora for a fun summer look.
  • Try a cool pair of modern, low cut sneakers with a dress or jumpsuit
  • Dress it up with some statement earrings, a stack of bracelets, or a few necklaces layered.
  • If you’re wearing sandals, choose a fun sandal with detailing

Here are a few examples.

merrick white collection dress with baseballc ap
blue amazon dress with white sneakers
navy jumpsuit
t-shirt dress with belt bag

outfit details for all of these outfits are linked HERE

Check out these great 21 Better Than Basic summer jumpsuits and dresses

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