One Piece Five Ways: Leopard

It’s high time for another one piece five ways post, don’t you think? I received this gorgeous leopard dress from Zoe Alexander and since it’s so different from anything else I have in my closet, I had fun figuring out all the different ways I could style it. To be honest, this was the hardest One Piece Five Ways I’ve done so far, but the challenge made it even more fun.

1. Casual (as a skirt)

button up: target (altered) // bubble necklace: c/o wild about jewelry // boots: macys

Just like jeans, one of the easiest things to pair with a loud print is chambray, which helps balance out this busy print. I added some casual boots and a little pop of color with a bubble necklace, and then of course my new favorite accessory — my glasses. Cute, fun, and comfy.

2. Casual (as a top)

skirt: target // cardigan: target (shop) // flats: payless (shop) // necklace: forever 21
Since this dress doesn’t fold up well into a top that can be paired with pants, my only choice to make it into a top was to layer a skirt over it. I went with a brightly colored stretchy skirt, which helps keep it casual, and then threw on a comfy boyfriend cardigan. Some simple flats and a pendant necklace (which you can’t see at all, sorry) pull the outfit together while still keeping it casual. 
3. Pattern Mixing
sweater: forever 21 // wedges: payless (shop)
If you’re still scared of pattern mixing, the best way to do it is by pairing a large print with a small print, and pair similar color tones. A pair of cute wedges in the same color family and little or no jewelry keeps this outfit from being too crazy. 

4. Office Wear

blazer: forever 21 (old) // belt: from another dress // wedges: forever young shoes (old)

A leopard print dress doesn’t exactly scream “work wear,” but I wanted to figure out a way to make it office appropriate (since I get comments every once in a while from readers about office friendly clothing). A neutral blazer, buttoned up, helps break up the full length of leopard, and keeps it from being so sexy for the office. A thin belt and a pair of simple black wedges polishes off the look and keeps it sophisticated.

5. Evening Attire

belt: from another top // tights: forever 21 (shop) // heels: target // earrings: gift from Landen

This dress was made for going out, so this was the easiest look to throw together. Black tights, sky high stilettos and big sparkly earrings make the outfit sleek and pretty, while a thick black belt breaks up the all over leopard and cinches in your waist. Add a little extra eye makeup and a swipe of color on your lips and you’re ready for a night out.

Zoe Alexander specializes in maternity wear, but their clothing is made to wear during and after pregnancy. Obviously this dress works perfectly for me post partum, but is definitely stretchy enough to wear if I still had a big belly. Also, all of their clothing is made with your specific measurements, so it fits like a glove. See their entire collection here



  1. Ash says:

    Love all of these! I need a leopard skirt ASAP! I have a dress but it isn't fitted enough to use as a skirt. Oh and your hair is so pretty dark πŸ™‚

  2. Number three is definitely my favorite, but they are all great.

  3. Kiana Bates says:

    You are so dang cute! I can't believe you came up with so many ideas πŸ™‚

  4. I can't believe you recently has a baby! You look great in that dress!

  5. wow you do such an awesome job styling one dress so many ways — love how you make it look like a skirt and a top — looks awesome! xo

  6. Danielle says:

    I love these posts! I would wear every single look, even though I wouldn't be able to come up with some of these looks on my own πŸ™‚

  7. Emily Beth says:

    You are stunning!! Love all these combinations. You are inspiring me to rework my wardrobe too!

    xo Emily Beth @ Inspired Attire

  8. newpetite says:

    I love your OPFW posts! You look lovely as always…

  9. smalldog says:

    Huh. And a leopard print dress is now immediately necessary to my happiness. Funny, that.

  10. Brittany says:

    Great job, Merrick! I really love the polka dot sweater with the "skirt", adorable.

  11. preethi says:

    This is one of my favorite five ways posts yet!

  12. Kacie says:

    I've been wanting a leopard skirt but now maybe I need a leopard dress instead! It's so versatile!

  13. Kayla says:

    CUTE merrick!! so daring to wear so much leopard, i'd probably be too chicken but i LOVE it on you!

    also, i miss you. that's all.

  14. [kjb] says:

    So myopic me would love to know the brand & name of those spectacular spectacles.. They are adorable.

  15. Mrs Gray says:

    This is adorable! Love it!

  16. Marcia says:

    The second variation is great for moms on errands. Comfortable, no-nonsense, simple and yet elegant πŸ™‚

  17. I have a tiger print skirt from loft and I wish I cold figure out more ways to style it!

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  19. Lindsay says:

    I LOVE the way you wore this dress! I have never been a fan of leopard print, but I suddenly want this dress badly. You look fabulous.

  20. Hi Merrick! Love the different looks you've created with the animal print dress. You look absolutely fantastic – let's not forget you gave birth recently and you are already back in shape following your pregnancy! Congratulations!
    Many thanks for a lovely post!

    Zoe xxx

  21. {haley} says:

    I am in love with your first look! So geek chic… (by the way, love your stuff!)

  22. Bri Marie says:

    I can't get over this dress!! I'm so far away from needing maternity wear – but I'm definitely going to have to remember to come back to your blog someday far away and check out all the great brands you've talked about when I do need it! I'm a big fan of making a dress into a skirt or a tee- you mention folding a dress up to be a shirt – can you talk about how you secure it so that it doesn't come undone during the day?

  23. So cute!
    Happy Holidays, dear!
    Ashley Cooper @

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