7 Things I Do To Start My Day Well (My Easy-To-Stick-To Morning Routine)

my morning routine

A good morning routine is essential for me to have a good day. There are a few things I have to do every morning in order for my life to feel balanced and happy, and these are my top seven.


1. Exercise

Exercise is an absolutely essential part of my morning routine. A few years ago, I tried to exercise 2-3 times per week, and I could never get in a good habit. Now I do some kind of workout (running, strength training, walking, hiking) every single morning (except Sunday). When it’s part of my daily routine, it becomes a habit and it’s just expected — I don’t have to decide every morning if “I should just do it tomorrow.” Consistency is key for me. I just get up and do it, even if some days get cut short or I’m feeling less motivated.

Sweating first thing in the morning makes me feel alive and happy and powerful, gives me energy for the day, and helps me make better choices throughout the day.


2. Prayer/scripture study/meditation

I actually do my prayers and scripture study very first, before I exercise. I’ve been writing in my journal as I study the scriptures and pray, writing down thoughts and things I want to remember.

Our value of the month for September is GRATITUDE, so I’ve been writing down 5 things I’m grateful for right in my journal too, plus my intentions for the day. It’s a powerful little ritual first thing in the morning while the house is still quiet and sleeping.

I used to be really consistent with meditation when we lived in California, but I hadn’t done it since we moved to Texas until recently. Now I do it right before I start my work day. It helps me focus and balance as I transition from morning mom life to work mode.


3. Get dressed and do my hair/makeup

I work from home and rarely see people, so getting dressed and ready everyday isn’t really necessary. But it’s so important for my daily routine because it makes me feel confident and motivated. I don’t feel as tired, I don’t feel sloppy, and I’m ready to go if anything ever comes up.

I wrote a post all about GETTING DRESSED EVERYDAY last year (you can read it RIGHT HERE – it’s a good one!)


4. Make my bed and do the dishes

Are you the type of person who makes the bed everyday? I am. I love making the bed, and it’s a little happy pleasure everyday to walk in and out of my room and see a nicely made bed.

I also always do the dishes in the morning. Philip starts the dishwasher after dinner the night before, so I unload everything (with Sanny’s help of course – he’s in charge of silverware!), and then re-load anything in the sink. Dishes from breakfast, anything from the night before that didn’t fit in the dishwasher, etc. Starting off the day with a clean room and a clean kitchen make a world of difference for my happiness levels and balance throughout the day.


5. Don’t look at my phone until 8am

I use my phone for everything, including my workouts, my scriptures, my meditation, my alarm, etc. So having it by me all the time can be super tempting to jump in and check my email or Instagram. BUT! I’ve gotten pretty good at resisting completely, and waiting until it’s time to post my 8:00am Instagram picture to get on at all.

It’s so easy to get sucked into scrolling or watching people’s stories, and suddenly my morning routine is entirely thrown off and I’m totally out of whack. So I make a huge effort to stay off completely until then so my morning stays free of other people’s business and stays focused on what’s really important for me.


6. Drink a ton of water

I go through phases of drinking more and less water, but I’m really doing better since I bought my SLM water bottle with a straw. It keeps my water cold, and I love drinking through a straw. Plus it’s a good size — not too huge, not too small. I try to drink two full cups (48oz) before I eat my lunch.

Yes, I go to the bathroom approximately 1,000 times a day.


7. Pre-make my lunch

Have you heard that phrase “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail?” When it comes to lunches, this is 100% me. If I make my lunch before I head into work, I eat well and I’m full and feel good. If I don’t make anything for lunch, I hit up the pantry at 12:00 like a ravenous bear and eat everything in sight.

I make myself a big green salad basically everyday with lettuce, a bunch of veggies, and some meat (either leftover meat from dinners or pre-grilled store bought chicken). I use THIS SALAD DRESSING, and top it off with EVERYTHING BUT THE BAGEL SEASONING, and CRISPY RED PEPPERS. So good.


I’d love to know what you guys do in your morning routines that help you start your day off right! Leave a comment here or over on INSTAGRAM!


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  1. Rachael says:

    So i want to know what time you get up in the morning and what time you get to bed. Ive never been good at getting up before the kids, but now that they are getting up to get ready for school at 6 am, I’m struggling to find time in the early morning unless i get up in the 5 am hour.

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