Is there any way to spruce up your house for spring than with a big, beautiful wreath? My front door has sat bare since my Christmas wreath came down, so it was time to help it feel happy again. My friend and I went on a shopping date to Hobby Lobby last week and picked up some beautiful fake blooms, and then turned a playdate earlier this week into a wreath making party. It’s always more fun to do projects with friends, right? 
I was inspired by this wreath from Design Love Fest’s post last week, and although I loved the idea of a wreath of fresh blooms like theirs, I wanted something that would last. Happily, the silk flowers at Hobby Lobby were pretty realistic (in fact, when I posted about this wreath on instagram the other day I got a bunch of comments wondering if it was, in fact, real flowers…), so it looks fresh and real, and will look just as fresh and real next year when it goes up again! 
The wreath came together really easily, and since I’m sure your door could use a little floral love, you should make one too. There’s a little step by step below! 


  • Natural Grapevine Wreath (I definitely recommend this over other wreath forms because you can stick the flower stems right through it so very little floral wire is needed
  • Green Stems
  • Light Green Plastic Eucalyptis 
  • 3 Light Green Stems (I couldn’t find them on the site, but any full green stems should work — mine were clusters of tiny painted styrofoam balls)
  • Colored Stems
  • Filler Stems
  • Wire Cutters
  • Green Floral Wire
  • Step 1. Start with your eucalyptus greens. Cut smaller branches off the main spray and tuck into your wreath form. Secure in place with floral wire if needed. 
    Step 2. Move to your next green sprays. Again, cut smaller branches off if necessary and tuck them randomly into your wreath form, securing with wire if necessary. 
    [TIP: keep your florals all pointing in the same general direction to keep the wreath looking purposeful and unified. At the end you can add some of your stems in a little more haphazardly to give it more of a wild, random look]

    Step 3. Next add your first colored spray. Cut down if necessary, and place randomly in the wreath form. Don’t get too symmetrical with the placement of these! 
    Step 4. Your wreath should be getting fairly full at this point, so tuck your second colored spray (purple) into the remaining bare spots, cutting branches off the main stem to make smaller stems. 
    Step 5. Now cut down your two white sprays into smaller branches and then place them throughout the wreath, filling in any remaining bare spots and adding some width and “wildness” to it. Finally, tuck the calla lilly in to complete the wreath. 
    Cut off any long stems sticking out in the back, and secure any loose stems with floral wire, and you’re done! 


    1. Ash says:

      Gorgeous! I've wandered through Michael's several times in the last month looking for wreath inspiration and have come up empty… This is perfect 🙂

    2. Brittany H says:

      Gorgeous! How do you hang it without those ugly wreath hangers?

    3. so beautiful i wanna do the same for my front door!

    4. i've been waiting for this tutorial! i can't wait to make this! Can you tell me what the cost was like for you at Hobby Lobby for the whole project?


      • It was almost $40 for the whole thing, which is similar in price to a lot of other already-made wreaths, but this way I got exactly what I wanted. And I'll have this wreath for years!

    5. So pretty! Love this!

      The Style Storm
      <3, Christina

    6. A bit off topic, but I noticed your lovely place mats underneath. Do you mind sharing where you found them?

    7. Kara says:

      this makes me happy.

    8. Mable Burt says:

      Thanx for this tutorial. I am working on my kids' room and the theme is 'Frozen.' As we were watching the show for the 100th time, I noticed that they have beautiful wreaths in the show and I thought making one for the bedroom would be fun..

    9. Absolutely gorgeous! Was waiting for this tutorial after you posted it on instagram – cannot wait to try it out.

    10. Beautiful! I love the fresh spring colors.

    11. Lana Marso says:


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