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One of our top priorities when we moved into our new house was getting shutters put in. Our house was new construction, so there were no window treatments when we moved in. We felt like we were living in a fishbowl, but of course everyone else in the neighborhood had bare windows too, so we were all walking around extra covered up and careful!

We teamed up with Blinds.com to put shutters in, and I’m excited to share our experience with you! We did some research on shutter and blind companies and landed on Blinds.com because their prices were great and their products had good reviews.

Merrick's Art Nursery Shutters
Merrick's Art Shutters via blinds.com
Merrick's Art Baby Nursery
Merrick's Art Living Room
Merrick's Art Laundry Room
Merrick's Art Family Room
Merrick's Art Shutters from Blinds.com
Shutters from blinds.com
Merrick's Art

Our designer was incredibly helpful in explaining what products would be best for our home. When we decided on shutters and told her we wanted white, she sent us a packet with samples of all the options. There were a bunch of different materials to choose from, as well as several different shutter widths. She convinced us to choose shutters from their Simplicity line because the turnaround time is quick since they’re built in the US (only a couple of weeks instead of months), and they come fully assembled so installation was really easy, even for non-handy people like us. I shared more of this in the video below!

One of the best features for me was the edge they put around the windowsills. It’s roughly a 2-inch lip that creates a really clean looking frame around the shutters. No windowsill is perfectly square or rectangle, so this covers up any gaps of light that might have peeked through around the shutters.

My biggest concern was what to put in the bathrooms since these Simplicity shutters are wood. Our wonderful designer told me they’re absolutely safe for small amounts of moisture, and if you have a fan (through the vents, not a ceiling fan) in your bathroom you’ll be fine. So happily we were able to do just one style of shutter throughout the entire house, which I think created beautiful continuity.

Initially I tried to convince Philip to do blinds, since they’re significantly less expensive, but I’m so glad we decided on the shutters. They are more expensive, but they’re so much sturdier and more durable than blinds, they create a sleek and clean look, they’re easier to clean, and I think shutters make more of a statement piece that completes a room so there’s no need for any other window treatment, like curtains. We went with a really simple, clean, and modern look for our home, so the clean, no-curtains look was exactly what we were looking for. I absolutely love how they turned out.

I’m sharing a little video of our installation and how they looked afterward below, and Blinds.com is generously offering 20% off any order at Blinds.com for all of my readers! Use code “merricksart” at checkout (valid til January 31st)!

or view this video on my youtube channel here.

Room Details:

Kitchen Table, Kitchen Chairs, Gray Sectional Couch, Arch LampAbstract Wall Art c/o Minted, Baby Room Details Here, Hexagon Wallpaper here.

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Thank you to Blinds.com for partnering on this project. They provided a discount for our product and all opinions are our own.  


  1. Amanda Howard says:

    Looks fantastic! Your home is beautiful!

  2. elizabeth says:

    Hey, I would love to check out the abstract art from Minted, but the link goes to your installation video. Can you update the link for the art, please? THANKS!

  3. Mary says:

    I love your couch! I looked on the website and I don’t see your awesome gray color. Do you think it’s because I’m looking online and not in a store?

  4. Paige Cassandra Flamm says:

    Those blinds look amazing! I need to add those to our house! I love them!


  5. Van Nguyen says:

    It’s amazing so easy to install it from the video. Your husband and you did a great job. May I ask which infant seat is S using?

  6. LeAndra Schrantz says:

    Shutters look great!

  7. I agree, your post because guide best budget blinds. I like your post and I thankful to you and your blog. Thanks for sharing this post.

  8. Greg Nelson says:

    I highly recommend motorized blinds.

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