Trendy Styling: How to Wear Chunky Scarves

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Chunky scarves are back, but not how we styled them 10 years ago. Here are chunky scarf styling tips! 


Did you own a big, blanket scarf back in the day? Well, a version of that is back, but in a more neutral way. Today I will cover the chunky scarf trend and share some styling tips for you to incorporate this into your winter wardrobe.


Chunky Scarf Styling Tips

There are lots of ways to style scarves, but here are 5 ways that are easy, work with big scarves, keep you warm, and don’t feel overly bulky at your neck.

If you have an old blanket scarf, try cutting it in half to make it a little less bulky.


outfit links for the pictures below: 

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Single knot over the shoulder

This is an easy way to wear a chunky scarf. Knot once, and then flip one side over your shoulder. You can wear the end over your shoulder UNDER your coat or over, whichever you’d prefer!

I love this one when I don’t want the front to be overly bulky.

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Around the neck and tuck the ends underneath

This one might see more complicated than it is, but I promise it’s simple! And it’s great for neck warmth if you need it.

Put the middle of the scarf around your neck with the flaps going backward over your shoulders. Cross the ends behind your neck and bring the ends back over your shoulders to the front. Then take each end and tuck them under the front loop around your neck.

This one works especially well with longer and thinner scarves, but can for sure work with chunky scarves.

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The Parisian Knot

This is a really popular way to tie your scarf and an easy one with any style of scarf. Just fold the scarf in half and wrap around your neck with a loop on one side and both ends on the other.

Tuck the ends through the loop and pull them out so the knot sits at the base of your neck.

Easy, and great with jackets and coats as well.

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gray scarf outfits 4

Toss over the shoulder

Want a super effortless look. Just drape the scarf around your neck, then toss one end over one shoulder. Takes one second and it looks chic and effortless.

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gray scarf outfits 5

The basic drape

If you don’t need so much warmth, just draping your scarf around your neck gives a chic layered look.

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I wanted to show some other outfit ideas that I found on Pinterest, and will give you some ideas of ways to wear scarves with your outfits.


chunky scarf outfit ideas

Now go wear your chunky scarves and keep warm this winter!




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