A Beach Vacation Packing List

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Are you headed on a vacation to get out of the winter weather? I’ve got an amazing beach vacation packing list for you with all the things you’ll need! 


Here’s a really good beach vacation packing list!

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a beach vacation. We’ve had some crazy cold weather all around the country this year — we set some records here in Dallas a couple of weeks ago!

If you’re headed on a trip for spring break, or just to get out of the cold weather, I’ve put together a beach vacation packing list for you with everything you’ll need.

These kinds of lists are so helpful for me – hopefully it’s helpful for you!


Bottoms to pack on your beach vacation

I’d recommend bringing some LOOSE PANTS that you can pair with your swimsuit, or with a tee for exploring, or even with a blouse and wedges for a nice dinner.

You’ll definitely want to a pack a SKIRT, and for the same reasons above. Find one that works for the beach, dressed down with a t-shirt, or dressed up for evenings.

DENIM SHORTS are a must have for my beach vacations. I love tossing them on over my swimsuit, and also wearing with a t-shirt during the day.



The three kinds of tops you’ll want to pack for your beach vacation

Definitely bring T-SHIRTS. I like a WHITE TEE and another SOLID TEE to wear with anything and everything, but also you could pack a cute GRAPHIC TEE if that’s more your style.

BLOUSES are must haves for an evening at a nice restaurant, but you could also pair it with DENIM SHORTS to dress it down for daytime. THIS ONE is cute and is super easy to dress up or down.

I always recommend bringing a CARDIGAN on your beach vacation. It’s always good to have a cozy sweater to toss on in the evenings for a beach walk, or at dinner when the restaurant is guaranteed to be over-air conditioned. Also I always wear a cardigan on the airplane!


Obviously for your beach vacation you need to pack a dress

You’ll for sure want to pack a DRESS on your beach vacation. Choose one that’s versatile — you can wear it with sneakers and a ponytail for exploring, or wedges and a jacket for dinner.


Depending on where you go, you might need a lightweight jacket.

Some places you visit will require no jacket at all cause even at night it’ll be hot. But check the weather beforehand and bring a LIGHTWEIGHT JACKET if needed. This DENIM JACKET or an OLIVE ANORAK JACKET would be perfect, and would look great with your dress, beach pants, denim shorts, or your skirt.


These are my three go-to pairs of shoes for any vacation.

Whenever I pack for a vacation, I try to only bring three pairs of shoes (plus my exercise shoes).

  1. Flat casual shoes — sandals, flats, or flat boots depending on where I’m going
  2. Sneakers
  3. Dressy shoes.

For a beach vacation, I’ll bring SANDALS, WEDGE SANDALS, and ESPADRILLE or SUMMERY SNEAKERS.



Of course for a beach vacation you need to pack a swimsuit!

What would a beach vacation be without a few good swimsuits? I wrote all about my favorite ONE PIECE SWIMSUITS HERE.


You’ll for sure need a few accessories for those outfits

Don’t forget a STRAW HAT, a great pair of SUNGLASSES, a TOTE BAG for the beach or the pool, and a SMALL BAG for carrying your phone and keys while you explore.

I also love bringing a SCARF to wear in my hair or around my neck or tie to my bag. I shared a bunch of ways to wear them IN THIS POST!

And I like to bring some fun STATEMENT EARRINGS to wear to dinner or to dress up a basic t-shirt outfit.



  1. Rachael says:

    THis helps so much with business dinners when you spend all day on the beach and then want to dress up a tad for the evening! Thank you!

  2. Annabelle says:

    Your Shoot really caught my eyes. Love to see more pics 🙂

  3. Emeli says:

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