15 One Piece Swimsuits Under $40 That Will Make You Want to Book A Vacation

Merrick's Art | Aerie One Piece Swimsuit

If you’re headed on a vacation somewhere warm, I’ve got you covered! These 15 one piece swimsuits are the cutest things ever, and are all under $40!


The other day it was pouring rain and I was sitting and my desk and decided to look for swimsuits online. As you do, in January in the pouring rain.

But it was meant to be, cause I discovered the cutest one piece swimsuits, all on sale!

My criteria for a one piece swimsuit this year

I feel like one piece swimsuits haven’t been so good the last few years. Is it too much to ask for something that’s not boring grandma, but also not over the top patterns or ruffles or embellishments? And also a good cut that doesn’t show off my entire bottom AND has some padding in the chest?

I don’t think these are too outrageous of demands!

Well good news – I found some that met all that criteria, so I snatched them up so fast. And friends don’t let friends miss out either.

Your favorite orange and pink swimsuit is back!

THE ORANGE AND PINK ONE is back in stock!

Also I bought this adorable COLOR BLOCK one in RED AND PINK.

Sizing for these swimsuits

I’ve purchased several swimsuits from Aerie in the past few years (including the one I’m wearing above, which is this OLIVE GREEN STRAPPY BACK ONE), and I’m wearing the SMALL LONG size.

THE WRAP AROUND PINK AND ORANGE ONE runs small, so size up. I bought a small long and had to return it for a medium long.

I’m typically a size 2-4, XS-S, size 26 waist. Hopefully that helps as you choose sizing for you.


All swimsuits from Aerie come with a free return label, so if you’re unsure of the sizing, buy two sizes, try them on with your underwear on, and return the one that doesn’t fit. Easiest solution to all your sizing questions.


check out these adorable 15 one piece swimsuits!

Links for each suit are at the bottom of the collage

15 one piece swimsuits

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  1. Bianca says:

    How is the booty coverage on #2, 8, ANd 10??
    Also not sure why it’s making me type all this in caps lol

    • Ashley says:

      AE is really good about noting that in the description. Those suits are all the same i think just different colors so i only checked one but it says “cheekier booty” so it isn’t a full booty coverage suit. 🙂

  2. Merrick says:

    I haven’t personally worn those ones — but you can see on the model if you click through to the product page!

  3. Caitlin says:

    Love the dressed down looks! Much more likely To actually be useful for me! I’m an RN, so my non-work wear tends to be very casual, and now that i have a newborn I haven’t Worn anything Other than leggings and tees for weeks

  4. Ashley says:

    Funny- I was just thinking about this today after I wore a cute pair of booties for the first time since unpacking them in the fall. I plan to take a little bit of time to separate my winter clothes into two categories… clothes/shoes I have worn since my wardrobe swap over in the fall and ones that I haven’t. Hopefully this task will accomplish a few things… 1) I will get out of the rut of wearing the same things over and over 2) when I start forcing myself to wear items, I will start a donate pile because there is probably a reason I haven’t worn them. 3)When I go to swap my closet in the spring, I will know which items were never touched and should probably be “kondoed” to Good Will 🙂
    ps- love your blog! We are starting the Family Traditions tonight and Gratitude is #1 on the list. So THAnk you for both entertaining me and teaching me everyday!

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