One Pair of Ankle Boots, Two Easy-To-Wear Outfits

These two ankle boot outfits are perfect for transitioning into spring, and will give you some outfit inspiration for the weeks ahead!


Outfit 1 Details:

Mott and Bow Jeans
H&M Tee
10 year old Leather Jacket, Another favorite HERE on sale!
Ankle Boots (exact ones HERE with super limited sizing, similar HERE and HERE)
Madewell Leather Tote Bag


Outfit 2 Details:

Old Abercrombie Sweater (Similar HERE and HERE)
H&M Light Wash Jeans
Ankle Boots (exact ones HERE with super limited sizing, similar HERE and HERE)
Madewell Leather Tote Bag
Billabong Felt Hat


Showing you different ways to wear closet staples is one of my favorite things!


I often hear from you guys that you know you own versatile pieces, but you just can’t come up with different outfit ideas for those pieces.

I’ve done tons of Dressed Up/Dressed Down posts over the years — you can find a bunch of them HERE! — but today I want to do a Dressed Down/Dressed Down post.

Two casual outfits with one piece.

I’d love your feedback on these kinds of posts!


I’d actually love to have your feedback — would you prefer more Dressed Down-Dressed Down posts, or do you prefer the Dressed Up/Dressed Down outfit ideas?


two easy to wear ankle boot outfits for winter to spring transition
best of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
leather jacket and stripes

Compile a bunch of basics for a perfect winter outfit.


This first outfit is so simple. Stripes, dark wash jeans, and a leather jacket. Most of you can probably recreate this outfit from pieces in your closet because they’re all basic closet staples.

Toss them together with a good bag and and some cute ankle boots, and you have a really simple, chic outfit.

[tip]: If you need a little extra warmth, toss on a big cozy scarf or a warm beanie!


two easy to wear outfits for transitioning from winter to spring
cable knit and felt hat outfit
cable knit and light wash denim

Try light wash jeans and a cozy sweater for an intro-to-spring look!


This second outfit is one of my favorite outfits to wear as spring rolls in.

I don’t usually wear light wash jeans during the winter — you’re much more likely to see me in dark blue, dark gray, or black denim — but as we head into spring the lighter denim is back in the rotation.

Paired with a cozy sweater, a felt hat, and some ankle boots keeps it appropriate for colder weather but feels less dark and moody for winter.

 [tip]:if you need extra warmth, toss a wool peacoat over your sweater!


Tell me which outfit you like better!

photos by priscilla frey

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  1. Katie says:

    Love the double dress down post. And, I like the second outfit better (because it is cozier/comfier and I have worn that many times!)

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