7 Really Good Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day doesn’t need to turn into Christmas with the gift giving, but here are a few simple and thoughtful ideas to send your mom or sisters, or send to your husband as a little hint.


Easy, thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts that the women in your life will love.

I think having a day dedicated to celebrating mothers is such a great thing, and honestly, I do love Mother’s Day. But I also don’t think elaborate gifts are really necessary.

So I wanted to share just a couple of practical, thoughtful, happy gifts that aren’t over the top but are something that any mama would love and appreciate.


Mama or Grandma Tee

I’ve wanted one of these tees for years and finally grabbed myself one. If you’re a fellow boy mom, just send this blog post over to your husband to give him a hint 😉

They also have girl mom, grandma, adoption, auntie, and lots of other adorable versions HERE, and I linked some of my favorites below.


Online Sewing Class

Did you guys know that I have an online video sewing course? It’s 20 videos that teach you from beginning to end how to sew and create a dress and a skirt, put in pockets and necklines, hem, insert a sleeve, and more.

I created it about 4 years ago with my best friend, who is an incredible seamstress. If you or your mom have been wanting to learn to sew, this is a fantastic 2-part course that would make a fantastic gift.

It’s on sale right now for 20% off with code MGMOTHERS!


Initials Necklace

An initial necklace is something that every mom will love and treasure for years. I have several and they are my favorite everyday necklaces to wear to keep my boys with me all the time.

I love THIS ROUND ONE you could give to your mom as a Grandma gift. I also love these little INITIAL ONES!

I just recently got this BEAUTIFUL BAR GORJANA NECKLACE that you can customize, and it’s a perfect everyday size that you can wear by itself or layer with other necklaces.


My Favorite Eyeshadow Palette

I’ve never been a big eyeshadow wearer until I discovered Flekk Cosmetics palettes. They’re a paint by number system, with numbered brushes and numbered eye shadow, plus a diagram on your palette lid to show you exactly how to put on your shadow. It’s seriously genius.

Their palettes are 20% off right now for Mother’s Day – you can see my favorite palettes RIGHT HERE, and shop for them RIGHT HERE!


Bright Box

Have you guys heard of Bright Boxes? They send little happy boxes filled with a note, a treat, a piece of jewelry, etc. and for only $10 shipped up to $20 shipped, they send them straight to your mom, your sister, your friend, etc. I think it’s such a great inexpensive but thoughtful gift to send to a mama friend, a sister, or your own mom.

You can get 10% off with code MERRICK through the end of the year!



If you’re looking for something special but useful, a beautiful scarf would be a great Mother’s Day Gift. I wear THESE SCARVES in my hair, around my neck, or tied to my bag all the time, and I think my mom would love a nice SILK SCARF like this one.


Spring Wreath

It’s spring, and I think every woman would love a fresh spring wreath on their door. Did you know you can buy fresh wreaths and have them delivered? Check out THIS GORGEOUS ONE! I linked some of my favorites below!


If you have any other simple, practical, special gift ideas for Mother’s Day, leave a comment and tell us!





  1. Scarlett says:

    Thank you for these simple & THOUGHTFUL gift suggestionS that won’t break the bank!

  2. Kaylee says:

    These gifts are absolutely wonderful! they are brilliant, unique, and very thoughtful. Thank you so very much for make this post, Merrick. I also just tried using your code for the cute “bright boxes” but it looks like the code is not working. do you know if there is a way to update it by chance? once again, thank you for sharing!

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