2 Ways to Spoil Yourself (Or Your Mom) This Mother’s Day

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Photography by Tyler Chase + Gabi Wells

Merrick's Art | Pink Floral Dress

Silk Floral Dress, Studded Lace Up Heels

For all you mom’s out there, you know what a crazy job motherhood is. While it’s absolutely the best job in the world with more love, fun, joy, and happiness than you could ever imagine, it’s also exhausting, stressful, frustrating, and just plain hard sometimes.

So with Mother’s Day in just a few weeks, I’ve teamed up with tjmaxx.com to share two ideas to spoil yourself OR your mom this year. Because we all deserve and need a break!


Merrick's Art | tjmaxx.com eye masks
Merrick's Art | tjmaxx.com body scrub
Merrick's Art | tjmaxx.com beauty products
Merrick's Art | Pampering with tjmaxx.com
Merrick's Art | Mother's Day Pampering

I’ve shopped at T.J.Maxx so many times in my life, and love their incredible deals on some of my favorite brands, but I didn’t realize until recently that they have all those deals on their website online! It’s next to impossible to shop in store with three kids, so having access to these great finds from my computer is so exciting. It’s easy to pick something up for me or my mom without having to leave my house!

Number one, treat yourself to some pampering! It’s kind of ironic that the day we celebrate being a mom is the day we don’t want to shoulder any motherhood responsibilities. But a well deserved day of pampering is so helpful to recharge your mom-batteries so you’re an even better and happier mom! Tjmaxx.com has a huge assortment of pampering products from face masks and bubble bath, to body oils, lip creams, and even skin-renewing silk pillowcases! I bought a few of these, plus a yummy candle, since that’s always so helpful in relaxing and rejuvenating me.

Take an hour on Mother’s Day and spend it just for you, pampering yourself at home with any of these perfect products.

Merrick's Art | Rebecca Taylor Floral Dress
Merrick's Art | Floral tjmaxx.com Dress
Merrick's Art | Floral Mother's Day Dress
Merrick's Art | Two Ways to Spoil Yourself for Mother's Day
Merrick's Art | Floral Dress
Merrick's Art | Vince Camuto Studded Sandals via tjmaxx.com

Number two, treat yourself to something new! Whether it’s a dress, a bag, a pair of shoes, or some jewelry, it’s important to feel special and pretty for the day that’s celebrating you! I love to wear a new dress to church on Mother’s Day, but a new outfit is also a great excuse for leaving those babies at home and getting out for a little one-on-one time with your man. I found this gorgeous pink floral dress at tjmaxx.com, and paired it with this pair of studded sandals, which add a little edge to offset the sweetness of the dress. I also love this dress and this dress, and this incredible floral maxi dress! Tjmaxx.com has a ton of gorgeous name brand pieces at incredible prices, and new pieces are always being added to their site, so check back for the latest new arrivals!
For me, as a mom of three, working from home, with a busy husband, a little restful, pampering, special time is so needed. I stocked up on a bunch of awesome products from tjmaxx.com and might dub every day Mother’s Day just so I can have an excuse to spoil myself every day!


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