A Day at the Flower Fields

Today I’m excited to be partnering with Born Shoes to share a fun family trip we took to the gorgeous Southern California Flower Fields!

Merrick's Art | Soft Curls and Half Top Knot

The Carlsbad Flower Fields are a destination I’ve been dying to go to for years. Carlsbad is only about 90 minutes south of us, and we go down there, or through there on our way to San Diego several times a year, but we’ve never been while the Flower Fields were in bloom. Usually we see it as a giant dirt lot.

But we spent our spring break week in San Diego, and it happened to be during their bloom period! None of the boys were super keen on spending an entire morning looking at flowers, but I was determined. Born Shoes’ emphasis this Mother’s Day is to help women and moms find their vacation — to take time for themselves to find inspiration and an escape from the everyday tasks that can get us bogged down.

My life isn’t all sunshine and roses (or ranunculus, as the case may be), but I’m all about finding little moments or outings that feel special and make my life happy, and a trip to the Flower Fields was exactly that for me.


Merrick's Art | White Dress Pink Flowers
Merrick's Art | Born Angeles Sandals
Merrick's Art | Carlsbad Flower Fields with Born
Merrick's Art | Pink Flowers
Merrick's Art | Spring Pink Flowers
Merrick's Art | Carlsbad Flower Fields
Merrick's Art | Spring Trip to the Flower Fields
Merrick's Art | Angeles Sandals Born Shoes

I put on a pretty white dress and my Born sandals, both of which made me feel comfortable, confident, and pretty, and off we went to see the flowers.

When we arrived, they gave each of the boys a little “passport” card with locations around the fields they had to find and get a stamp, and that was enough to make them excited about going. But they also had a cute little fairy garden playground, an ice cream cone stand (although we didn’t get any), and a place to mine for jewels and gold, so it was really kid friendly.

Despite walking around all day in the dirt and up the hills, and then back to downtown San Diego to the Children’s Museum, these sandals kept me so comfortable all day. They’re made with premium leather, and they’re hand sewn to allow maximum flexibility. They have rubber soles that make them grip the ground so they’re very easy to walk in on any surface, and they’re a great neutral sandal that I can wear with anything, or for anything. They’re so well made — these will last for years. You can find them here at Dillards!

Also, the Flower Fields are open for a few more weeks, so if you’re local or coming into town, definitely go check them out!


Thank you to Born Shoes at Dillards for sponsoring this post!