skirt made by me, tutorial below (shop for a similar skirt here)
jcrew tee (similar)

It’s time for another DIY Friday today, and you guys, I’ve been dying to share this tutorial with you for months! I’m part of Janome’s on-loan blogger program and in exchange for the Janome 4120QDC sewing machine that they loan to me, I do a project for their blog each quarter. For last quarter’s project, I made this gingham midi skirt and after having to wait for them to post it on their end, I’m finally able to share it over here. Midi skirts are the perfect Fall skirt, so now is the perfect time to whip one up!

This type of skirt is super easy and it won’t take you more than an hour or two to create one. In fact, I want to make about 10 more for the Fall — they’re just so versatile, flattering, and fun!

Click through to see the full tutorial!

  • 1 1/2 yards of 60″ wide fabric (approximately)
  • Matching Thread
  • 7-9″ Invisible zipper

1. Lay your fabric on a flat surface and cut it in half width-wise so that you have two identical strips that are 30″ wide each.

2. Next, pin box pleats into your fabric, making each pleat roughly 4″ wide. Measure the front half and the back half of your natural waist, and then using those measurements, cut a FRONT and two BACK pieces from the (pinned) pleated fabric (mine had 3 pleats in the FRONT piece and 2 pleats on each BACK piece). Baste across the top edge of the pleats, securing them in place.
3. Using your same waist measurements from your FRONT and BACK pieces, cut 3 waistband pieces 4″ wide. Fold each of them in half width-wise.
4. Matching up your FRONT skirt and waistband pieces (matching up the raw edges), sew them together with a straight stitch. Do the same for the two BACK skirt and waistband pieces.
5. Insert your zipper, connecting your two BACK pieces. Then, with right sides together, sew down the rest of the skirt, finishing the back seam.
6. With right sides together, sew down the rest of the skirt, finishing the back seam.
7. With right sides together, attach the BACK and FRONT of the skirt with a straight stitch down each side.
8. Hem to your desired length, and you’re done! Enjoy your new midi skirt!
  • Kallie Peterson

    Can I ask what type of fabric you used for this skirt? 🙂

    • merrickwhite

      Just a lightweight cotton-poly blend. It didn’t have any stretch, but you can use something with stretch. I’d honestly recommend something a little more heavy weight though because the lightweight fabric doesn’t have as good of a drape and tends to bunch a little when I walk. hope that helps!

      • Kallie Peterson

        Thanks so much! That really does help. 🙂 I’ve been looking at this project for a while, and I’m thinking of trying it in something like a polyester suede… Hopefully it turns out!
        Thanks again! You’re the best!!

  • Rachael Allison

    Merrick, this is stunning! I’m totally going to make it this weekend.

    I have a gorgeous gingham taffeta, do you think that would work for this tutorial?

    • merrickwhite

      Yes! That should work great 🙂

  • Brit

    Beautiful!! Can’t wait to make my own. You have a great way of explaining each steps and breaking it down.

    P.S. I think step 6 is a repeat of step 5.