Well we had an excellent weekend in Yellowstone. Perhaps the best part was that it was free (except for one Subway lunch and the eyeshadow and mascara I bought since I stupidly forgot my makeup bag…I always have to forget at least ONE thing on vacations. Usually it’s pajamas, but makeup is equally as unfortunate).

I think the best part of our trip was all the wildlife we saw. I think everyone that comes to Yellowstone sees buffalo, because there are about a million of them. But besides that, check out what we saw!…

This last picture was definitely the most exciting moment of our trip. We figured out pretty quickly that a big backup of cars meant there was an animal sighting (I know you’re shocked at our brains), so when we’d gone all weekend without seeing any bears and ran across a big backup of cars, Philip and I jumped out of the car to check it out. (This was about 2 minutes after we saw a girl get out of her car and called her stupid cause she could be mauled!!) We walked down the road past all the lined up cars, and right off the side of a road was a grizzly bear! I got kind of freaked and started heading back to the car, just as the bear walked up onto the road less than 20 feet away from Philip! There were about 50 people right there, so I guess we weren’t in TOO much danger, but still…

Here are some other of my favorite pictures from the weekend. Happy Memorial Day!



  1. Bart says:

    MB, if I could tell that you had really bulked up over the last few weeks, I’d ask for your advice on weight lifting. As it is, I see you are as thin as ever.

    Sounds like you had an adventurous weekend!

    And you’re graduating soon!!! How exciting!!! (more than three exclamation points is just ridiculous. Even just three is probably overboard, but I really am excited for you!!!)

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Merrick, Sounds like you guys had a great time. I’m so happy you got to go up there. Thanks for sharing your pics, looks like fun. =)

  3. emily kate says:

    Aww that umbrella pic is so cute!

  4. ashley says:

    I want your legs and cute little bum.

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