She’s Off!!

I’m one of those bloggers that feels like I can only post if I have pictures to show, or a vacation to talk about. I need to figure out some stuff to talk about. My sister, Janssen is so good at that – just blogging about ideas and thoughts and random stuff that doesn’t include pictures and IS STILL INTERESTING! Crazy, I know.

Well here I am blogging about a vacation. We’re off to Yellowstone tomorrow morning and will be back in a few days. All you who know where I live, don’t break in and steal my stuff.

Hope you all have a great memorial day weekend wherever you are celebrating! And to you all you Utahns, I really hope for your sake that this terrible weather has moved on by then.



  1. Janssen says:

    Thanks! That’s the nicest thing to say!

    How about instead of going to Yellowstone, you come to Austin instead. Yes?

  2. ashley says:

    Boo to you not telling us that you are going to Yellowstone- we could have met up! OK OK…we are actually in Boise for the weekend…but still Boo.

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