Why A Photo Book Journal is Better than a Regular Photo Book (and the one I made for Summer 2019)

how to make a family photo book journal

Summer 2019 was a crazy, challenging, wonderful, wild one for us. A photo book for the summer didn’t feel quite right, so I made a photo book journal to document in pictures and writing, and it turned out so amazing.

Do you keep a journal? I don’t, but sometimes I wish I did!

I’ve never been good about keeping a journal. This blog and my instagram are the closest I’ll ever get to regular journal writing. But there are some experiences and some periods of your life that just need to be documented.

This summer needed to be documented.


Our summer 2019 was one for the books (for better or worse) and needed to be documented.

Summer 2019 was a wild one for us, with lots of changes, adventures, challenges, and experiences. Good, hard, and not so good.

The problem with journaling on instagram is that you can only write so much in a caption, and also for me it’s a very public forum. The trouble with my blog is that my boys don’t read it.

And if I wrote out our experiences in a journal, I couldn’t include photos.

Then I remembered the perfect solution — MIXBOOK.

family photo book journal
family summer journal
family photo book journal
family photobook journal with mixbook


I created a beautifully bound photo book journal with Mixbook to document this summer

Mixbook has been my go-to this year for documenting our lives in print. I created this awesome ART BOOK FULL OF FOSTER’S ART, I created our YEARLY PHOTOBOOK, and I printed THIS LARGE CANVAS PRINT of our first family picture in Texas (with the bluebonnets).

This time, I wanted to create a photo book mixed with a journal.


It’s so quick and easy to use Mixbook, and their quality is next level

With Mixbook it was super easy. They have tons of themes to choose from, so I chose a simple one with pretty greenery accents, and just added a text box on any page I wanted to add a journal page.

I could add photos of our summer, and write out our experiences in Yellowstone National Park, moving into our hotel, trying swim team for the first time, moving into our new home, and lots more.

I’ve always included captions or titles in my photo books, but there was something really therapeutic and special about including my thoughts written out.


Their photo books are completely customizable, so add text or don’t!

Some pages are all photos, some pages are all text, some are a mix of both. That’s the beauty of Mixbook — the options are endless

Also you can use their designs, or create your own, add stickers, change the font, and customize it however you’d like.


We display this photo book journal in our home so we can all read it often and remember how we did hard things

It’s now a coffee table book in our new living room, and already all four of my boys have come in at one time or another, sat down, and looked through the book. One day they won’t remember this summer where we were all stretched and pushed and beat down a bit, but they can look back and read my thoughts and see how we all did hard things and made it out the other side.


Mixbook has amazing holiday cards – it’s almost that time, and here’s a discount code!

Mixbook makes the most beautiful printed goods — photos, photo books, cards (the holidays are just around the corner!), and so much more.

They’re offering you guys 50% off your first order — just use the code MCKART50 (expires 10-15-19) at check out!


And if you’re trying to think of a good gift for your husband this year, a photo book journal would just be really, super special.



photos by Aubrey Stock
this post is sponsored by Mixbook


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