All About the Custom Shutters from Budget Blinds in our New Home

budget blinds shutters

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I’m taking you through the whole process of doing our shutters in our new home with Budget Blinds!

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I’ve been getting a lot of questions about our shutters since we moved into our new home, so I wanted to share a whole post breaking down the process and sharing our experience.


budget blinds custom shutters
budget blinds custom shutters

Who did our shutters?

We went with Budget Blinds for our shutters. They actually have a very big selection of custom window coverings, such as blinds, shades, shutters, drapes and more. So they’re not just for blinds and shutters!


Why did you decide on shutters?

We had shutters in our old home in California and I love the look of them. I think they make a statement on your windows, and look so sophisticated and beautiful.  They completely eliminate the need for curtains or decorative shades at all, in my opinion.

Also they have no strings, which makes them much safer for a home with young kids.


What were the options for shutters, and what did you go with?

If you want to know all the options, I’d recommend scheduling a complimentary consultation with a Budget Blinds design consultant. When you have your in-home consultation, they take plenty of time to show you all the options for their window coverings. And they have so many options to choose from!

You can choose from a variety of materials (we chose Composite), colors (we chose “Glacier White”), shutter widths (we did 3.5″), and frames around the shutters. They walk you through all of this and show you examples of what each option looks like in your home so you can make a really informed decision.

They also have options for automated shutters, which is such a cool concept. We didn’t go with that option in the end, but if you have large high windows that are hard to reach, it’s a really fantastic option.

budget blinds shutter installation
budget blinds installation

What happens after the consultation?

The day after our consultation, we got a quote from our design consultant with a very easy-to-read breakdown of all of our windows and the price for each one. There were no weird hidden fees or any fine print. It was all very honest and straightforward.

We made several changes and adjustments over the course of a few days, and they were always very quick to send an updated quote with the entire breakdown, and very attentive to our concerns and our needs. Our design consultant was even texting us different options for our window frames until we got it just right.

Budget Blinds is a huge company, but it honestly felt like a mom and pop kind of shop with incredible attention and care for their customers. I was impressed over and over again.


Do they measure the windows? Or did you have to measure?

Once we decided on our window coverings, they came back and measured all the windows for us. I just have to mention that in our old home, we had to measure the shutters on our own and it was such a headache. Windows are never perfectly symmetrical and it was super stressful to make sure our measurements were accurate so the shutters would fit (spoiler alert, two of our shutters didn’t fit in our old house because of our poor measuring). It was so wonderful that their service included professional measuring.

Note: If you’re in a new build like us, you’ll need to wait till your windows and dry wall are in before they can measure so that all your measurements are correct.


How long does it take for them to be installed after you order?

Shutters are all custom made, and takes a few weeks for them to arrive from your order date, so plan accordingly, especially with new builds. We were able to get ours installed the day we moved in, which was amazing. No one wants to live with bare windows!

But for the other custom window coverings, the time varies. Your design consultant will give you all that information during your consultation.

budget blinds installation time frame
merricksart budget blinds installation

What was the installation process?

I was a little worried about this, because our last shutters had to be self installed. It was a huge amount of work, and we had to pay a garbage service to come out and dispose of the giant crates they arrived in. Not ideal.

Our experience with Budget Blinds was so different. They scheduled an installation date, and on that day they arrived with all the shutters and a few amazing workers. They installed everything within one day, cleaned up after themselves, and took all the packaging away with them.

It. Was. Incredible.


Overall our experience with Budget Blinds could not have been better, and the shutters themselves look insanely good. I think they complete our rooms perfectly, and add a perfect mix of traditional “woodwork”  and clean modern lines. I’m obsessed.

But remember, they do standard blinds and other window coverings as well. You can see all their services right here!

budget blinds installation process
budget blinds master bathroom


  1. Jessica Camerata says:

    Blinds really do make a room. I’m currently on the hunt to do this in my living room. I have GIANT windows that really need some help.

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  2. GEORGIE says:

    Long-time reader here! Do the composite shutters provide a black-out level of coverage on windows?

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