How to Make A Kids Art Book (And Get Rid of the Millions of Papers in Your House)

kids artwork book

If your kids are anything like mine, they produce a lot of artwork and never want you to throw it away. There are papers everywhere!! So I compiled them all in an easy and beautifully bound kids art book from Mixbook so we have the memories but not all the free floating paper. Check out how it turned out!


If you have a little artist like me, this is a great solution for all their drawings they won’t let you throw away.

About a year ago Fos got REALLY into drawing. He does Art for Kids hub drawings almost every day, colors tons of pages from our Rad Mail subscription, copies book covers, and draws things from his imagination constantly.

Because of this, we have lots and lots and lots of papers everywhere. And he doesn’t want me to throw any of them away.

So I decided instead of keeping all these free floating papers, I would photograph each of them and put them in a book!

how to get rid of 10 million pieces of kid artwork in your home
if you're drowning in kids artwork like we are at my house, this kids artwork book is perfect for you


Mixbook makes beautiful custom photo books and made this art book project so easy

Of course I turned to Mixbook, our favorite custom photo book company, to make a beautiful photo book filled with Foster’s art.

Mixbook makes it so easy to upload photos, choose a layout or make your own, and drag and drop the photos.

From start to finish this book took me about twenty minutes to make. And I can’t tell you how great it felt to throw away all those drawings afterward.


I plan to make a new artwork book for Foster every six months and create a series

Mixbook has several sizes of books, so you could make these into little booklets that you could keep on a shelf in their room.

My plan is to make a new artwork book every every six months. As he produces less artwork as he gets older, I may change the timeline here, but for now six months seems reasonable. I think it will be so fun to have a compilation of all his artwork in beautifully bound books!

this beautifully bound book from mixbook takes your kids' drawings and stores them away permanently
this kids artwork book from mixbook helps me get rid of 10 million kid drawings that are all over my house

Here’s a few quick tips to make this process easy

To make this easy and efficient for you, here’s a quick step by step of how I do this.

  1. Tell your child you’re making a photo book of all their artwork. Help them feel excited about all their artwork being in a book so they aren’t surprised when their artwork is thrown away!
  2. Take a photo on your phone every time they do a drawing. Lay it flat in good light and snap a picture. Crop it down to just the paper.
  3. Try some variation — have them hold their artwork up and take a picture of them with their drawing!
  4. Save all the photos in a folder on your phone.
  5. Toss the artwork (unless it’s something you want to frame, obviously).
  6. When you’re ready to make a book, all your photos will be ready to go in one place!


Mixbook is generously offering 50% off  your first order, for all my readers through 5/30! Use code MERRICK319 at checkout.

This code works for all their cards and prints and photo books, so make your child an artbook OR blow up one of your child’s best drawings for the wall, OR order birth announcements for your new baby, OR whatever the heck you want!


Photos by Aubrey Stock
A huge thank you to Mixbook for partnering on this post



  1. i loved it says:

    Thank you for such an amazing piece of content and step by step guide! I wish my mother would have known this when I was a kid.
    Since childhood, she keeps a box with my artworks. It is so touching, how she remembers every moment of these works creation and every work I created.
    I definitely want to make something similar to your art book when I become a father! Now I ‘m just a student though. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    The tips you share are very good and helpful to me. It helped me a lot.

  4. Michelle says:

    A good reminder that you can’t control how everything unfolds; you have to just keep moving forward and know that whatever you do, circumstances will adjust themselves around your decisions and life will play out the way it’s supposed to. It’s a hard thing to trust, though! I’m glad things worked out positively for you all. Your blog is a bright spot on the internet, a place that always feels good. I never would have suspected all the turmoil going on behind the scenes! Thank you for sharing it with us; it’s good to know that even people who seem to have it all together (and you really do have a lot together, I think!) are at a loss sometimes. IT’s totally relatable. Wishing your family much happiness in TX!

  5. Lizzy says:

    So glad that you’re all feeling settled and happy in Dallas. I visited my friend there a few years ago and loved it! one of the things we did was take a tour of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. It was so fun to have a whole behind the scenes experience. Your boys would love it!

  6. KatherinE says:

    Love this idea! I dont comment much but i love your blog!

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    I love this idea

  8. BriggS BALL says:

    I love this idea for making the art book too many kids have tried this

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    This was supposed to be under the “Splurge” post! Sorry

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