Trendy Tuesday: Styling Silver Jewelry

how to mix metals in jewelry

Silver jewelry is back in style (don’t worry, gold isn’t going anywhere), but after years of wearing gold, it may feel weird to add it back into your closet. Here are some silver jewelry styling tips if you’re considering adding it to your closet!


I think we’ve all been on the gold jewelry train for the last ten or fifteen years, but silver jewelry is making a big comeback this year!  I’m not totally ready to move to just silver jewelry (don’t worry, gold isn’t going anywhere), but I think it can be so pretty to mix metals together.

Let’s talk about some of my favorite pieces that I’ve found at all different price points, and some styling tips for adding silver jewelry to your look.


Silver Jewelry Styling Tips

1. Is silver jewelry worth buying? If you’re a gold jewelry girl all the way, nope, this isn’t something worth investing in. Stick to the gold – it’s not going anywhere! But if you’re wanting to mix it up, I’d recommend starting with some affordable pieces and seeing if you like how they look.

2. What outfit colors look best with silver jewelry? Metallics go with EVERYTHING, so don’t stress about what colors look best with gold vs. silver, because it all works! But if you’re nervous about adding it, because you’re so used to gold, start with simple neutrals, like black, white, tan, or navy blue. Burgundy, olive green, forest green, light blue, true red, or chocolate brown are other colors that aren’t quite so neutral but will all look fantastic with silver jewelry.

3. How to pair silver and gold (mixing metals)? Mixing metals is one of my favorite ways to incorporate silver, while still wearing gold (my favorite). I have a whole post about how to mix metals in your outfit, and what works best. Check it out right here! One thing that I’ve discovered helps a ton with mixing metals is adding diamonds (real or fake, your choice). A bracelet with diamond studs or a tennis necklace are both great pieces to add to your arm stack or layered necklaces that will break up the gold and silver because the focus is on the sparkly diamonds rather than the color of the metal. Check out an example below:


image found via pinterest


4. Good silver pieces to purchase. As I said, and as is the case with any trend you’re nervous about, start with the inexpensive pieces and work your way up if you love it. But be careful with cheap jewelry because it can look cheap. Avoid plasticky or overly shiny silver pieces!

I’ve linked some pieces below that are fantastic and are at a variety of price points…tap the images to shop!




  1. Sara says:

    I am a senior and i wear mixed metals all the time. I used to wear all gold then found myself ATTRACTED to more and more silver. Because i have a short neck, i don’t wear a lot of NECKLACEs and always wear long ones if i wear one but i do wear EARRINGS and never leave the house without a bracelet. My watch band WHETHER it is my apple watch or a dressy watch is always mixed metal and one of the rings i wear daily is mixed. I have several vintage silver BRACELETs i wear most of the time but some of my clothes look better with gold. .Then i wear gold earrings and braceLets along with the mixed pieces. I RECEIVE lots of compliments on my jewely because of the vintage braceLets which are old family pieces and the ring which is silver with movable silver, brass and copper Rings on a broad silver band.

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    This post is a very detailed review of an important topic. I feel like I have improved my knowledge after reading it.

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    your fashion sense is very amazing and the way you guided what or how to wear silver jewellery is very amazing and techable for me thank you so much

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    I am acquiring the necessary knowledge as a result of the precise information that you contributed. I appreciate your provision of this valuable information.

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