Three Tips to Stay on Track with your Health and Exercise During the Holidays

staying on track during the holidays

October to January is always the hardest stretch to stay motivated and not completely fall off the wagon in all my health and exercise goals.

It starts with Halloween, and then carries all the way into the new year when I’m SO ready to start all my new year resolutions and stop eating everything in sight. I’m sure you can relate!

I’ve teamed up with Nike today to share three tips for staying motivated and on track during the holiday craziness, and share some of their best gifts to help others do the same.

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Three ways to stay on track with your health and fitness during the holidays

Find your balance. For me the hardest part is all the food. They say abs are made in the kitchen, and it’s true that those abs disappear fast if I’m eating cinnamon bread and sugar cookies for every meal. I’ve been doing a “one dessert a week” goal for the past few months, and although I’m not perfect every week, it keeps me aware of what I’m eating cause I have to ask myself, “is this my one dessert? Is it worth it?”

If you’re more of an abstainer, set clear rules for the month when temptation is high. Last December I did a Sugarless Holiday challenge with 23 days of no [added] sugar. And then of course it finished in time for Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years. I did it with a group of women, and it was nice to have an easy reason to say no throughout the month when there were SO many treats.

Find your balance, and decide works best for you!

Keep Track. Recording what I eat and when I exercise is always motivating for me, and eye opening to see how few calories I burned in my workout and how many I just ate in ten minutes. It’s really hard for me to stay consistent with recording, but Nike’s Apple Watch does it all for you by tracking your distance, heart rate, speed, calories, etc. When you’re keeping track, you’re more likely to make better choices (and make an effort to burn more calories so you can eat that Christmas pie for breakfast on December 26th…). It would make an amazing gift this year!

Be Consistent. When schedules get busy and weather gets cold, it’s easy to cut out exercise, meal planning, meal prep, etc. But keeping those things will keep your head and energy so much more balanced (and you’ll be better able to handle the holiday stress).

I got this lightweight Nike running top, and a warm hoodie to run in, and knowing I won’t freeze makes me more willing to get out the door on a cold morning. I’m also looking at this running jacket for cold mornings!

You don’t have to be perfect, but don’t quit altogether during the holidays — just be as consistent as you can.


Nike has the best selection of athletic products out there — I got these running shoes a few weeks ago and they are literally the most comfortable, amazing shoes I’ve ever worn in my life. The FlyKnit material is like wearing a sock, it’s so comfy. I also got these running tights — their tights are some of my very favorite!

If you’re still working on Christmas gifts, give someone the gift of motivation for December and into the new year with something from Nike – they even have gift guides right on their site for Men, Women, Boys, and Girls!


This post is sponsored by Nike


  1. Natali says:

    That is such a great activewear! You are always looking amazing!

  2. Monica says:

    LOVEd your post! Always look forward to reading them:)

  3. brianna says:

    Yes! i’m looking at a misfit wearable smartwatch. It does all the stuff the apple watch does, for half the price, which i love. I also like the idea of one dessert per week – not totally denying yourself, but not going crazy every single day.

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