One of my Very Favorite Christmas Traditions: A Snowy Getaway

prepping for big bear with ebay

Old Navy Jacket via eBay, J.Crew Boots via eBay 


This Christmas will be our sixth Christmas on our own. Our first few years after we were married we went to my parents or Philip’s parents house, or we had company at our home, but after Fos was born we decided we just wanted to do it on our own.

I find so much joy in spending the holidays just as our little family, and it’s the best to start new traditions that are just our own.

One of my very favorites that we started a couple of years ago was to do a snowy getaway during Christmas break.

a cozy coat and boots for a snowy getaway via ebay
j.crew boots that I found on ebay
preparing for a snow trip with ebay
fur boots for a snowy getaway with the family
new boots for the whole family found on ebay!

We live in Southern California, so our Christmas’s are sunny and warm, but nothing feels more like Christmas than snow. So we do a little getaway up to the mountains to snuggle in a cabin, go sledding and tubing, and make a snowman.

Since we live in warm weather, we’re not very well equipped with snow gear, so I enlisted the help of eBay this year to help me get a few things that I can tuck under the tree this year to help us get ready for our new year’s trip to the mountains. The boys will be SO excited!

Did you know 81% of items on eBay are brand new? I found jackets, gloves, snowpants, snow boots (including these J.Crew boots I’ve been wanting!), and even sleds for my kids, all brand new!

Bidding was always the part that stressed me out about eBay, but 88% of items are Buy It Now, and you can easily filter your search to just show those items, so no bidding is ever necessary. Whew!

You can also refine your search by location, free shipping options, and even the condition “New in the Box.”

Before you finish up your Christmas shopping this month, check eBay – there are so many gems that will make your Christmas complete!


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  1. Farrah V says:

    Where is that sweater you’re wearing from? I have seen it in other posts, and I am madly in love with it!!

  2. Paulina says:

    Love! So used to getting everyone at my PAREnts. Can’t imagine just on our own yet. You’re not going out into the mountains with holes in your pants though? This is a fad right? Seems ODD this style really befuddles. Why would anyone want holes in their clothes?

  3. Amanda Carones says:

    We have a house in the Alps and holes in pants are totally in! Love your stuff!

  4. Amanda Carones says:

    And P.s., we aLso do ChrIstmas just us. We are going to Isreal and Jordan this year.

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