This DIY Garland Will Get Your House Ready for the Holidays!

DIY Garlands for your home

November is officially over, and now it’s time to really dive into Christmas – my favorite time of the year!

The thing that gets me in the Christmas spirit faster than anything is decorating my home. With my tree, twinkle lights, garlands, and Christmas tunes playing, I’m instantly in the Christmas spirit.

Today I’ve teamed up with JOANN Fabric and Crafts to share a really beautiful and easy way to decorate your home for the holidays!

DIY garlands on the stairs
an easy way to spruce up your banisters is with these DIY garlands!
DIY pine garlands
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hanging garland in your home
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gorgeous garland for your home

I think a garland looks so pretty on a staircase or on a mantle (or even just across a large piece of framed artwork hanging in your living room!), and this one is unique and beautiful. But also easy to make!

Here’s what you’ll need:


How to make the garland:

Step 1: Take your first pine garland and use this as your base. Use the floral wire to attach it to your banister at the posts, letting it swag down in between them.

Step 2. Now attach your pine cone garland over the top, intertwining it with the first garland. You can attach it with the floral wire, but I just used the wire in the garlands to twist them together.

Step 3. Cut off strands of your eucalyptus and berries and put them in the garland wherever you’d like until it feels full enough for you. Have fun with it!


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