Handmade Christmas Gift: Personalized Embroidered T-Shirt Refashion

embroidered personalized t-shirt

Outfit Details:

Asos Striped Tee (Similar Here), AEO Jeans, Similar Ankle Boots, Sunglasses


I’ve been sharing lots of fun holiday gift ideas over the last few weeks, but sometimes something handmade is just the right fit. Today I’m sharing an easy handmade gift you can do for your girlfriends, sisters, mom, or even guys: a personalized embroidered t-shirt!

This requires very little skill — just a little time and effort.

striped tee and dark jeans
personalized striped tee
striped t-shirt and dark wash jeans
stripes, dark jeans, and cognac accessories
an easy way to personalize a basic t-shirt

I love monogrammed and personalized things, and I think adding it to a breast pocket would be perfect for a guy, and adding it to the collar is a fun idea for girls. Also you don’t have to do their name or initials — get creative and do a nickname, a word that describes them, or anything else to personalize it.


Here’s what you need:

A t-shirt (make sure it’s pre-washed)
embroidery thread
embroidery needle
water soluble fabric marker

Step 1. Make sure your t-shirt is pre-washed so the embroidery doesn’t get ruined when you wash.

Step 2. On your computer, using a word document or photoshop, type out the word you want to embroider. Choose your font, and the size. Print it out, and cut out around the word.

Step 3. Put the paper with the word inside the shirt, and then trace the letters with the fabric marker. (Tip: if you can’t see through your shirt very well, back light it with a window or lamp).  This will be your reference when you stitch. The marker will wash off after you’re done.

Step 4. Using a piece of embroidery thread and needle, follow the marker guide and stitch your word using a simple backstitch (if you don’t know how to do that, watch this tutorial here).

Step 5. Follow the instructions on your marker to remove the marker off the fabric. It should just come off with a damp cloth!

Step 6. Press your embroidery flat with a hot iron and you’re done!


  1. Dinah says:

    Ummm LOVE this!!! Im hoping to find time to try this.

  2. Emily says:

    Hi Merrick! I don’t think the tutorial for the backstitch is hyperlinked… could you add that? Thanks 🙂 <3

  3. Jennifer David says:

    I’ve always been a big fan of T-SHIRT EMBROIDERY, and I am happy that it’s coming back into fashion.

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