The Best Sellers from 2022

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This week, I’m having fun looking back at the last year and seeing what you guys loved! These are the best sellers from 2022 — the items you loved and purchased the most.


My top sellers from 2022

These are your favorite items that I shared this year — my best sellers from 2022! Everything from jeans to sneakers and socks and everything in between

And these are some of my favorite clothing items and products, so I fully recommend every one of them!

2022 Best Sellers

Best Sellers From 2022

1. Century Star Socks

  • This comes as no surprise to me! These are the best socks to wear with your Chelsea boots. They’re perfect height and neutral enough to wear with lots of things. Plus they’re like $12 for a pack of 5.

2. Express Leather Pants

  • These keep selling out, but if they happen to be available in your size, seriously grab them! They are the best jeans that are comfy and cute, but a little more special cause they’re coated.

3. Madewell Mid Rise Perfect Vintage Jeans

  • These were my favorite summer jeans and you guys loved them too! They’re now mostly sold out, but they’re available in black now too, which is perfect for winter. They’re super comfy and a good mid rise. They’re also a great ankle length. I sized down one size to a 25 (normally I wear a 26, but I always size down in madewell jeans).

4. Eyebrow Gel

  • This one actually surprised me, but I love that you guys loved it too! I use this stuff everyday to fill in my brows and it’s the best. It’s waterproof so you can wear it in the pool or at the beach, and it stays on all day!

5. Teeth Whitening Strips

  • These teeth whitening strips are amazing! I have the world’s most sensitive teeth, AND receding gums, and these don’t bother my teeth at all. They’re all natural, non-toxic, and are super affordable!

6. Live In Pocket Joggers

  • These have been a favorite of mine for a few years – they’re super soft and comfy joggers that actually have shape and don’t lose it! Lots of other joggers I’ve tried get saggy within a few hours of wearing, and these don’t. They keep their shape all day!! I wear a size XS.

7. 52 Modern Manners for Teens

  • My friend Brooke Romney wrote this amazing book about manners for teens, but it’s super applicable to kids too (only a few that may not be super applicable, like manners about phones) and it’s been a great way to teach our kids basic life skills and manners. I love that you guys loved it too!

8. Stonewear Round Platter

  • My sister gave me this for my birthday this summer and I LOOVE it. It looks way more expensive than it is, and it is perfect for serving a crowd, or for a charcuterie board, or s’mores bar, or anything. I hope you’ve gotten as much use out of it as I have!

9. Coop Home Goods Pillow

  • This pillow is a game changer. I’ve had mine for a few years and have had zero neck and back pain since switching over. Every time it goes on sale you guys go nuts for it, and I’ve heard from so many of you that you love it too. I’ve convinced pretty much everyone in my family to get one too.

10. Amazon Tunic

  • I’ve shared this cute amazon tunic a ton this fall and it’s a great oversized sweater you can wear with leggings or skinny jeans. I have it in a few colors. It shrinks in the wash, so go up a size!


So, how many of these best-sellers have you bought? They really are the most popular items of the year for a reason. I hope you get some and love them!



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  1. Patricia says:

    Do you handwash or machine wash your amamzon tunic? I wouldn’t mind mine shrinking a bit.
    Care instructions say ‘handwash’.

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