Summer Wedding Style

Partnership with Rack Room Shoes

Photography by Rad and Happy

Merrick's Art Summer Wedding Outfits

Outfit Details:

On Merrick: Ted Baker Dress, Rack Room Shoes Heels
On B: Appaman Suit Coat, White Nautica Sneakers
On F: Appaman Suit Coat, White Sperry Sneakers

The month of June always means lots of weddings! Our wonderful old babysitter is getting married this month, and our whole family will be attending, so we’ve teamed up with Rack Room Shoes to share some easy family wedding style.

Merrick's Art My Boys
Merrick's Art | Rack Room Shoes Heels
Merrick's Art Rack Room Shoes
Merrick's Art Summer Wedding Style Ted Baker Dress
Merrick's Art Ted Baker Dress

Summer wedding usually mean outdoors with grass, so a pair of chunky heels is a great option. They feel more dressy than wedges, but they won’t sink into the grass and drive you crazy the whole day like a pair of stilettos would.

Merrick's Art Summer Wedding Style
Merrick's Art Summer Wedding Kid Style
Merrick's Art | Summer Wedding Shoes with Rack Room Shoes
Merrick's Art | Kisses for Mama
Merrick's Art Appaman Boy Suits

I love dressing my boys up for special occasions, but wedding days can be long, so I wanted them in something comfortable but still nice. I paired their suit jackets with comfy polo shirts and khaki pants, and then completed their looks with some nice sneakers that allow them to run and play while still looking put together. I chose these white Nautica sneakers for B, and these white Sperry’s for Fos. I love how their outfits came together — so handsome and summery!

Rack Room Shoes always has such good deals on shoes for the whole family!


  1. Paige Cassandra Flamm says:

    That dress is so cute!


  2. Karla says:

    Did you mean in age or former when you wrote “wonderful old babysitter”?
    Also, dress is adorable but I would caution against wearing anything remotely white to a wedding. I once wore a black and white skirt to a wedding and I got thrown dagger eyes all night (and not by the bride).

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