The Summer Style Guide: Outfits with Wide Leg Pants

Wide leg pants are so popular right now! You might be wondering how to style them for the warmer months. Here are tips to make cute outfits with wide leg pants this summer.

wide leg pants summer style guide

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Why the “before” wide leg pants outfit needs improvements:

  • I’m loving wide leg pants right now, but the length and the shoes have to be right! In this “before” outfit, I’m wearing clunky sneakers and the length is hitting a little too short for full length and a little too long for cropped.
  • I almost always half tuck my shirts, but with wide leg pants, a half tuck can be the wrong option because it doesn’t allow your waist to be defined all the way around and can make you look boxy through your middle.
  • An oversized tee also doesn’t work as well when you’re tucking your shirt (or leaving it untucked). A smaller, shorter tee, either fitted or not, is a better option.
  • Don’t forget accessories!
  • (also, sorry I didn’t steam/iron these pants before I took this picture…it certainly adds to the overall “bad” effect!)


A few easy ways to improve your wide leg pants outfits:

  • The length of your wide leg pants should either go to the floor (not dragging, but hitting right above the floor when you have your shoes on), or be cropped to right around your ankle bone.
  • A fully tucked top helps define your waist!
  • If you don’t want to tuck your shirt in, choose a top that’s slimmer fit and hits an inch or two below your waistband.
  • A summer sandal is a better option with a wide leg pant, especially if you’re choosing a floor-length wide leg pant!
  • As always, don’t forget the accessories to help the outfit feel finished.


If you’re more of a visual person, here’s the same advice in action


wide leg pants before
wide leg pants after summer style guide


Other summer outfits with wide-leg pants you might like



summer workwear top
LINEN pants with graphic tee

Why these outfits work:

  • Outfit 1:
    • this is more of a professional look with a blouse, wide leg dress pants, and a pair of flats. The pointed flats elongate the leg line, there’s some space between the shoe and the hem of the pants, and the waist is defined with a full tuck.
  • Outfit 2:
    • Here’s a better example of a long wide leg pant! This one hits all the way to the floor rather than feeling like high waters, and I wore it with flat sandals so the pants lay nicely against the shoe and give me an elongated look rather than a squat look. The tee is casual, but tucking it in gives it a bit of a polished look, and adding accessories finishes the outfit.
denim shirt white wide leg jeans
wide leg pants with white tie front shirt

Why these outfits work:

  • Outfit 3:
    • You don’t have to show a lot of foot or ankle with wide leg pants, and this is a good example! This pair of ankle boots is similar to the color of my skin and they have a very slim fit, so they have that feel of elongating my leg because they feel more like my actual foot. Again, I tucked the top in to accentuate the waist (important especially with a higher rise pant) and added a belt for extra waist definition.
  • Outfit 4
    • Another option instead of tucking your top is tying your top! It’s a cute summery look and helps create a waist against these much more voluminous wide leg pants. Again, the longer length totally works with an open toe sandal instead of a close toed shoe.

I hope this helps you put together great summer outfits with wide leg pants!


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