The Summer Style Guide: Outfits with Mom Jeans

You might not be reaching for tight skinny jeans during the summer, but mom jeans are a great option! Here are tips to make cute outfits with mom jeans this summer.

mom jeans summer style guide

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Why the “before” mom jeans outfit needs improvements:

  • The biggest issue that women tell me they have with mom jeans is that the super high rise accentuates the “mom pooch.” So check out the improved pair of jeans since they’re a similar style but less high rise. They’re also less of a tapered leg and more of a slim fit.
  • Mom jeans are typically looser in the leg, so skip the baggy tee, even if you feel like it covers the “mom pooch.”
  • I like high top sneakers, but with baggier jeans and just an inch of ankle showing, it can make everything feel a little squatty.
  • Again, no accessories or anything to make the outfit feel a little more finished!

A few easy ways to improve your summer outfits with mom jeans

  • First off, these jeans are a little less “mom jean” and a little more “skinny jean,” which makes them a little easier to wear if you’re struggling with mom jeans. They have the same light wash, no-stretch denim as many mom jeans, but have a lower rise and a slimmerfit.
  • Instead of a baggy tee, choose something a little shorter that you can leave untucked without creating a shapeless look, or you can half or fully tuck easily.
  • Of course you can wear sneakers, but a pair of sandals helps show a little more foot to elongate your leg line.
  • And finish with a few accessories!


If you’re more of a visual person, here’s the same advice in action

mom jeans before summer style guide
mom jeans summer style guide

Looking to add some jeans to your closet?

I did a post just a few weeks ago about jeans and shared a few of shopping options. Check them out here!



Other summer outfits with mom jeans you might like

madewell loafers with white blouse and light wash jeans
red eyelet top with red earrings

Why these outfits work:

  • Outfit 1:
    • Since mom jeans are so stylized and can feel outdated, pair them with classic and classy pieces, like a button up shirt and loafers! Adding accessories helps the outfit feel polished and finished.
  • Outfit 2:
    • Try pairing your mom jeans with more feminine pieces with ruffles or eyelet or statement earrings. In this outfit, I half tucked the top to define my waist, and added some simple but neutral sandals to elongate my leg line and keep the outfit feeling feminine and nice.

I hope this helps you put together great summer outfits with mom jeans!


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