The Summer Style Guide: Outfits with Midi Dresses

A casual midi dress is my go-to summer outfit. But, they can easily feel shapeless and baggy. Here are some tips to make them even better.

midi dresses summer style guide

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Merrickwhite Collection Dress \ Similar Pink Hat \ Similar Brown Sandals


Why the “before” midi dress outfit needs improvements:

  • These straight fit midi dresses are really popular because they’re easy and comfortable. No denying that! But they’re also shapeless and give you a boxy shape through your waist and accentuate your hips and booty in an unflattering way (when your waist isn’t defined). Can you wear them? YES. But just be aware that they’re boxy. There are better options if you’re curvy!
  • Also sneakers are great, and I’d totally wear sneakers with a dress like this. But dark sneakers with a light dress like this feel heavy in the outfit.
  • The outfit feels super plain with no accessories!


A few easy ways to improve your summer outfits with midi dresses

  • Try a dress that gives a little more waist definition, like THIS DRESS. If your dress doesn’t have a waist tie, try adding a belt!
  • A slim leather sandal elongates your leg in a way that sneakers cannot, and makes the outfit feel a little more summery. (Chunky sandals will do the same as a sneaker, so be aware!)
  • Add cute accessories to make the outfit feel more finished. A little bit of a jewelry or a baseball hat goes a long way!


If you’re more of a visual person, here’s the same advice in action


midi dress summer style guide
midi dress summer style guide after

Looking to add some midi dresses to your closet?


Other summer outfits with midi dresses you might like

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Why these outfits work:

  • Outfit 1:
    • This dress has more of a forgiving fit, with a cinched waist but not too fitted. It also has buttons so it would be great for postpartum and nursing. You could wear this with cute sandals, but I wore it in the spring with sneakers. Both are great options, and adding a few accessories finishes off the outfit perfectly.
  • Outfit 2:
    • An eyelet dress is a great option for summer, but if it’s chilly, a slightly cropped denim jacket helps the outfit have some structure and also adds a cute layer. You can see how the dress cinches in at my waist, creating a nice shape, and then flows out from there away from my hips. This is a great shape that’s flattering on so many women!

Why these outfits work:

  • Outfit 3:
    • this dress does not define my waist, but sometime’s that not necessary with certain dresses! It fits will through my chest and arms, and the flows out, creating a nice flowy look. You could add a belt if you wanted more shape (and I definitely do with this dress sometimes). I make the outfit feel casual with slim fashion sneakers and a baseball hat, but you could wear fun earrings and a pair of sandals for a more feminine look.
  • Outfit 4
    • This dress is similar in boxy shape to the “before” dress at the top of this outfit. But with a simple shirt tied around my waist, I get a waistline! Again, you could do simple, nice sandals, but a pair of slim fashion sneakers is a bold, casual look.


I hope this helps you put together great summer outfits with midi dresses!


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