Sisters Share It All: Boots

Since I just bought myself a new pair of boots last month, I’ve been searching for good ways to style them. I think we all know how to throw on a pair of jeans with boots, but I wanted to take full advantage of these fall and winter months, and wear my boots as many ways as I could.

So for this round of Sisters Share It All, it’s my choice and we’re talking boots. We’ve each come up with two different ways to style boots — nothing earth-shattering, but beyond the obvious jeans pairing.

1. Leg Warmers

sweater: target // jeans: h&m maternity // leg warmers: made by me // boots: macy’s (shop)

Using an old sweater that didn’t fit anymore, I cut off the arms and secured the raw edges with a zigzag stitch. And voila! Cute striped leg warmers. Adding leg warmers in a cute color, pattern, or with a chunky texture, you can step up any jeans and boots ensemble. I kept the rest of the outfit neutral so that the pattern in the leg warmers didn’t compete for attention. I plan to wear these with my boots a lot this winter.

2. Colored Tights

dress: made by me // tights: kohls (similar) // scarf: made by me // boots: macy’s (shop)

I love how colored tights bring an element of fun to a simple outfit. Although a pair of tights this loud might seem scary, just a few inches of bright color peeking out from between a dress and neutral boots adds a perfect pop of color. It isn’t too overwhelming or too loud — it just adds a little something fun to an otherwise neutral colored outfit.

So now I want to know the fun ways you style your boots. (and link up below if you’d like!)

Also, check out Janssen and Landen’s posts today and see how they’re styling their boots!





  1. kate says:

    love the colored tights!!! you always pull off the cutest fashions!! hope everyone is adjusting well with the new baby!

  2. Love me some boots! I actually just did a post earlier this week with 2 different boot looks (I linked up above). What a co-inky-dink.

    Sarah's Real Life

  3. Julie says:

    I can't live without boots! Your H&M jeans look great on you!

    xoxo, Julie @ OBSESSED

  4. Anna Neale says:

    Oh that dress is just so cute! And flattering and simple and I just love it! I'm new to your blog. Do you have a tutorial on this dress you made?? I would love to try out this pattern!

    [email protected]

  5. Jennifer Davis says:

    I know this post is so old, but could you by any chance tell me what particular brand those boots from Macy’s are?

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