DRESS c/o PEA IN A POD MATERNITY  (similar non maternity version here, here, and here)  ||  ANKLE BOOTS  || SCARF MADE BY ME (similar here, here and here)  ||  SIMILAR BAG (on sale!)  ||  SUNGLASSES (use code MERRICKSART to get your first month of endless eyewear free!)
Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away, so today my sisters and I are talking about what to wear during your big feast. We’re doing a getaway Thanksgiving up to San Francisco this year, so my outfit will completely depend on the weather. 
So instead of sharing exactly what I’m wearing for our Thanksgiving feast, I wanted to share a few style essentials for the holiday. 
  • Dress up. Our generation is so casual and sometimes it drives me crazy. I don’t want us to wear suits and cocktail dresses every day, but for certain occasions, dressing up a bit is really nice and sets a good tone for the event. If you want to wear jeans, throw on a pair of heels (or wedges to keep you comfortable all day), a nice blouse or sweater (both of those are on sale right now!), and some jewelry. Or of course a dress is always a good option, which we’ll talk about next.  
  • Wear something comfortable. Between the dinner preparation, football games, and the actual eating part, you’ll want something you can move around in, relax in, or still fit into when your stomach is stuffed to the brim. A dress is always a good option for me (so I’m not having to pop open the button on my jeans before dinner’s over), and swing dresses hide everything and can double as a blanket when you’re sitting on the couch. This one from A Pea in the Pod is so comfortable, and while it’s labeled maternity, it’s no different than any other swing dress…so you could snag yourself one even if you’re not expecting. But this one is similar and non-maternity, as is this one!
  • Get festive. Thanksgiving is only once a year, so wear something festive. Pull out your deep burgundy, burnt orange, or forest green colors for a beautiful fall look. 
  • Don’t forget the shoes!  Shoes always make or break an outfit for me. On a long day like Thanksgiving, it’s important to choose a pair that won’t kill your feet, but still wear something that matches the niceness of your outfit. Ankle boots are my go-to comfort shoe, but a cute pair of flats or a pair of wedges would be perfect as well. 
Now go check out what Landen and Janssen are wearing for Thanksgiving this year!

photos by jana laurene



  1. Anna D Kart says:

    I always dress up! We are casual way too much in our time and I hate that. At least I will have an excuse to wear my tulle skirt ha!

    Anna // Happy Medley

  2. Natali says:

    Fantastic casual and girly outfit! I like your scarf very much.

  3. Julia Manfredi-Hobbs says:

    Love the boots! I have “boot envy” now 😀

  4. You look gorgeous! I love this color.

    We’ll be in the SF area for Thanksgiving too!

  5. Jessica says:

    Love this outfit! You always look amazing. 🙂
    Unique Geek

  6. Nikki says:

    I love all of your tips! As a stay-at-home-mom, I rarely get the opportunity to do anything other than dress in what’s practical. This year I’m going to go for it! I’m loving the idea of a tulle skirt Anna!!

  7. Sharon says:

    Very cute outfit. where is the bag from?

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