Partnership with Sophos Home

Photography by Rad and Happy

As my boys get older, we’ve tried as a family to come up with a “screen time” system for them. I don’t want to be a crazy mom that never allows their kids any screen time, and of course there are always exceptions and desperate times that call for desperate measures, but for the most part I want screen time expectations to be set and I want to encourage other activities that are away from the computer. Also I want to make sure that I’m around during their time on the computer so I can check on what they’re playing or watching.

They do quiet time every day for an hour and a half to two hours in the afternoon while I’m working and the baby is napping, and have to be in their room during this time, so they usually play legos, read, color or draw, and listen to books on CD.

At 5:00, I’m usually done with work and start making dinner, and this is the time they get “screen time” for one hour. We ask them to do at least 20 minutes of educational media — coding (we love studio.code.org), Starfall.com, Jiji Math, or Typing Instructor, and then their last 40 minutes can be whatever they’d like.

They usually play games or watch short videos on lego.com, but sometimes they ask to play on other websites they’ve heard about from friends or have played in computer lab at school. We always check out the sites together before letting them play, and they’re in the same room as me playing as I cook dinner, but I still get nervous about playing on the internet.

So I was really excited to learn about Sophos Home. It’s a free online security system that protects against malware and viruses, and blocks unwanted content or downloads, and in thirty seconds I was set up and able to start protecting our computers and my family.

Obviously the safety of my kids, especially when it comes to the internet, is a huge priority for me as a mom of sweet, innocent boys. So I’m incredibly grateful for any extra protection I can get, especially if it’s free.

I’ve teamed up with Sophos Home to share an incredible sweepstakes giveaway. One winner will win a MacBook, and 2 additional winners will each win an Apple Watch – series 2!

TO ENTER: Download Sophos Home right here and you’re automatically entered to win! The sweepstakes will run through November 3rd and the winner will be announced. Good luck!


  1. Megan Craig says:

    Thanks for partnering with this company!!!! I am a mother of a little girl and protecting her means everything to me! I am excited to now be able to protect her on the computer as well!

  2. Mandy v says:

    Wow! I just downloaded. Hopefully my entry works! I love that you’re talking about this very important topic.

  3. Fabiana Aguilar Fernandez says:

    Thanks for sharing this!! it’s really important and necessary now when kids are around…


  4. Megs says:

    I’m sorry, but this post is absolutely ridiculous. You want to “protect” your family but you have them posted all over your blog on any given day. Even when you are discussing something so meaningful as cyber protection, you’re still shilling out your family for “likes” and paid advertisements. I originally followed your blog because I loved the DIY posts. However, you have become more obsessed with posting products for financial reasons. I wish you would go back to DIY and crafty posts.

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