Pop Culture Gifts for Teens

Have a teen in your life who always has their finger on the pulse on what’s cool in pop culture? Here are pop culture gifts for teens.


Apple Air Pods Max– These over the ear headphones are so fun and come in so many great colors.  I know that my kids get tired of having airpods in their ear for long flights or long periods and these are the perfect pair to look cool and have great sound.

Record Player– Records are making a huge comeback and I think it is so fun.  I think we will need to get one this year and start playing some records.  I love seeing all of the new artists putting their songs on vinyl.

Vinyl Record Holder– If you know someone who has gotten into the record trend, they need this.  These are record holders that will help display your collection and also just add to the decor of a teens room!

Crocs– We all know I am not a fan of crocs!! But, the kids love them.  I don’t think you can walk on any middle school campus and not see almost every kid wearing a different color croc.  Even if your kiddo already has a pair, they would love another bright fun color! Trust me! You can’t go wrong with a croc!

Instant Photo Printer– We take so many pictures on our phones and they just don’t get printed out.  This photo printer is the perfect gift for your teen who wants to capture their memories and have them printed!

Nike Sweatshirt– Nike is really everywhere right now.  Nike Sweatshirt oversized for a boy or girl in any color is a win!

Nike Socks– Nike socks with crocs!! I don’t get it, but it will get you at the top of their favorite git giver list!

Bose Portable Speaker– Listening to music with friends is all will always be such a core memory for kids.  This Bose speaker is a little but more than your average portable speaker, but it has great sound and is durable. It can be thrown in a backpack, beach bag, car, really anywhere that your teen is going.

Nike Dunk Low Retro- The Nike Dunk Low is THE shoe to wear for everyday wear. The black and white (Panda) is the hottest shoe, but having them in any color would be a win!





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