Non Sports Related Gifts for Boys

It feels like every gift guide for boys centers around sports, but of course not every boy wants those things! Here are some non-sports-related gifts for boys.

Lego Racing Model Car– Building Lego is still and will forever be my boys and so many kids favorite thing.  This model car would be so fun to build!

Nerf Gun– Nerf guns are great for indoor and outdoor play.  Hot or cold weather! And this gun is the perfect gun to catch an unsuspecting brother!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Battle Arena– This Ninja Turtles Battle arena would be so fun for anyone who loves ninja turtles and games.

Magic 8 Ball– I don’t know anyone who didn’t love playing this game as a kid.  Ask it any question and get ready to crack up at the answer that usually isn’t the one you really wanted!

Speed Stacks– If your kid is like mine and loves to play with the Rubik cube, they will love this.  It times you so that you can race against yourself or others with how fast it will take you to solve it.  Hours of fun!

Lego Set– I will add lego to my Christmas guides forever.  They are the toy that will forever be loved and played with by all.  This set is the perfect starter set or a set that will be fun to add to a collection.

Pokémon Card Set– Pokémon is a game I still don’t quite understand. But, if you have a Pokémon lover in you house like I do, then you know that they would love this set to add to their collection!

Remote Control Car-RC cars are such a fun gift.  Its so fun to charge them up and race them or create tracks for them all day.

Speed Cube– This is a different version of a Rubik’s cube.  Its great to have different types of cubes to try and practice on.



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