Polka Dots and Pleather

leather jacket: f21, maroon sweater: abercrombie (old), polka dot tie blouse: jcpenney, jeans: abercrombie (altered), boots: target (old)
Philip’s company Christmas party is coming up in a few weeks (I know, Christmas was three weeks ago, but it’s more of a holiday/the company’s anniversary party), and it’s black tie. The last holiday party that we attended three years ago was at the local arcade/mini golf course, complete with pizza and five arcade tokens for everyone. The next two years they didn’t have a holiday party, so here we are with a major step up, and although I’m super excited to actually have a fancy event to attend, what in the world do I wear?! 
I’ve come up with a few options that I’ll probably show you over the next week or so, but while I’m deciding that, I’m also thinking about makeup. I’ve seen a billion fashion bloggers experimenting with red lipstick, and I thought that a black cocktail dress paired with a red lip could be fantastic. So I gave it a test drive today with a dark pink lipstick just for fun (even though I only went to the library and the grocery store). It took all of about fourteen seconds until I had lipstick all over my teeth. I should write a book: “How To Impress Your Husband’s Boss in One Easy Step.”
Probably should save the red lip for another occasion. Valentine’s Day, perhaps?
. . . . . . . 
And speaking of Valentine’s Day, I’m doing a little painting special over at my website. Go check it out — I’d love to do a custom painting for you!


  1. So cute!!! I love all of your outfits!

  2. Nicole says:

    You look awesome! I will definitely have to try this outfit with my polka dot tie blouse.

    I'm pretty terrible at lipstick, but I love lip stains. You get the look of red lips, but nothing comes off on your teeth, children, or husband!

  3. This a great combination of tough and feminine. You look beautiful!

  4. Faith says:

    I love that combo of the polka dots with the jacket! That lipstick looks great on you! 🙂 I agree with the commenter above, lip stains are great!

  5. Kassie says:

    Love! Such great combos!

  6. WicketsMom says:

    Great outfit! One super easy (although ridiculous looking) way to keep lipstick off your teet his to apply it, then take your index finger and put it in your mouth and close your lips around it. When you pull your finger out you'll be shocked how much lipstick comes off the inside of your lips. There are a few suggestions I have for this tip: clean finger (duh!), and a discreet location to do this. It's done in 3 seconds and you've got gorgeous lips! :O)

  7. WicketsMom says:

    Oh my goodness – TEETH (not teet). Spell check anyone?!?!?

  8. Of course you can get away wearing polka dots. Me-not so much. And by the way, I love the Valentine's Day Special! You will be getting an email soon. Just gotta find the picture.

  9. Katy Rose says:

    Love the layered combination of the skirt, sweater and jacket. So perfectly fall and adorable on you. – Katy

  10. Cute outfit! Love the top. And, I don't normally say lipsticks are "cute" but I think yours is. Doesn't something exist for lips that's similar to face primer that keeps lipstick on? I usually don't wear lipstick, but I know there's somethingggggg.

  11. I'm loving all of these layers! Cardigans are the perfect extra layer under a jacket!

  12. I just got back into lipstick myself – just make sure you pat, reapply, pat.

    Love the polka dot shirt, so fun!

  13. Sam says:

    I adore your outfits, and your blog, and your baby, and your life!

  14. Katie says:

    Just found your blog! This outfit is so cute!

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