Pictures As Promised

Here are a few pictures from Deborah’s baby shower that I threw for her on Saturday

These are the adorable baby cupcakes that I made from “Hello, Cupcake”. I took cell phone pictures from the cookbook so I wouldn’t have to buy the entire book, but then my wonderful Mom bought the book for me anyway!

Up close and personal

I bought some plain white onesies and fabric markers, and the girls made baby Abby some personalized outfits!

We played The Diaper Game with melted candy bars inside diapers — Landen was so awesome at melting one got all of them right!

Landen passing around the tray with the diapers…she was the most helpful sister EVER!

Me, Deborah, and Auntie Barbara



  1. merrick!!! you did such a cute job on that baby shower! i’m so impressed and i feel like you should be a professional little party planner or something. anyways, i’m getting my hair highlighted tomorrow (finally!) at noon and have tons of homework and errands to run tomorrow also, so I don’t know if lunch is gonna work out. keep in contact though because it’s been way too long!

  2. Landen says:

    Oh thanks Merxi! It was fun:)

  3. Nina G says:

    The baby cupcakes turned out SO CUTE! Glad everyone had a good time. I was there in spirit.

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