Showered with Confidence

I’ve never been much of a party person — I don’t like birthday parties thrown for me (especially surprise parties), I hardly ever went to parties in high school, and I sure. as. heck. never invited people over for parties at my house. I just always felt uncomfortable, and when the one time that I did invite all my friends over for pizza and a movie, I sweated it out the whole time, stressing that people weren’t having fun, or that not enough people would show up.

Buuuuut, I’ve finally begun to get over that insane fear and since Philip and I have been married we’ve had loads of couples over to our house for various activities. But still never a big party.

Then Philip’s sister got pregnant, and I told her I would throw her a baby shower. At first I was all excited, planning the games and food and decorations. Then about a week before I started getting nervous — why had I committed to this??! So I planned pretty much every moment of that party down to a T, just so I knew I had nothing to worry about.

Well the party turned out wonderfully. About 20 of the invited 50 people showed up, so the house wasn’t TOO packed. There was plenty of food, just the right amount of activities, and it seemed like everyone had a great time.

Whew…maybe I could do this again…but give me at least a year or so to recuperate from this stress.

p.s. pictures to come



  1. what a brave soul you are – I don’t like parties either. I can do them, but am relieved when they are over!

  2. I bet you did an awesome job! I saw the pictures on facebook and it looked like a lot of fun. Deborah is lucky to have you as a sister in law.

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