A few new things

Here are a few things that have happened recently in the White House (do not refer to CNN for a similar story. I have no idea what’s going on in THAT White House).

Check out this handsome dude:

He is now an official branch manager at Enterprise! We’ve been hoping and praying for an opportunity like this, and now it’s finally come! He’ll be managing a branch in Taylorsville, UT (you don’t have to feel stupid…I had no idea where that was either), and he starts tomorrow! I think the best part about it is that he gets a company car. For the last 5 months since I started working full time, I have driven him to work in the morning, then drove to the gym to work out, then drove home and got ready, then went to my work, then came home at the end of my work day, then drove to pick him up, then drove back home and made dinner and got on with our night. As you can imagine, we’re excited to ditch that schedule (and I think our poor car will be grateful as well). Not having to do all that extra driving allows me to have time for my next piece of news:

I am currently working on a 6-8 piece painting series. I’ve mentioned it on here before, but here is the most current status. It’s a series that will go up in Maestro’s Gelato Cafe, which is part of the Provo Gallery Walk. The paintings will be up during November and December, so stop by and see them!! It’s been hard working on them (partly because 24 has eaten up my life), but also because I have to paint on the ground. Sooo…on friday I finally ordered a painting easel!!

This was my parent’s graduation present to me, but I just never got around to ordering it. It should be here sometime this week and it will be a huge step up in my at-home painting abilities.

Also, speaking of graduating, I just received an email on Friday saying that my diploma is on its way. If it wasn’t already feeling real that school is ACTUALLY DONE, proof will soon hang on my wall and remind me that my amazing experience at BYU is sadly over.



  1. Janssen says:

    Yay! Congratulations all around!

  2. Bart says:

    Give Philip my congratulations! And for you – sounds like painting will be much easelier from now on!


    (I recognize that wasn’t very witty. but I couldn’t help myself.)

  3. Tristen says:

    Congratulations! I must admit that I know where Taylorsville is…it’s right by where I live! hehe

  4. Nina G says:

    Congratulations to Philip on this nice big promotion! Handsome and a leader. Could you ask for anything more?? 🙂

  5. Congrats! You didn’t mention anything about having to move, so does that mean that Taylorsville is close enough to commute? What is the subject of these art pieces you’re working on?

  6. Taylorsville is roughly an hour away, so it’s a long commute for Philip but definitely worth it! Plus, FREE GAS AND CAR!!

    The subject of my paintings is people, once again, but this time the focus is facial expressions. I’ll post some pictures once I have something to show — I’ve only painted for about 2 hours so far…not impressive yet 🙂

  7. Nina G says:

    Has Philip started his new job yet? If so, how was his first day with his hands on the reins?

  8. Mom,

    Maybe you’ve already talked to Dad since he called Philip, but yes, today was technically his first day. He spent the first half of the day in Orem, and then he went off with his area manager to meet all the people at the auto body shops around his store. That way they have a contact they know and can trust right off the bat. He also briefly met his staff (3 MTs, an assistant, and 3 car preps). So tomorrow is really the first day as a manager…I’ll let you know how it goes!

  9. Yay for Phillip stickin it to the man and getting this position!! Why Enterprise was hesitating is beyond me…Congrats!!

  10. Chelsea says:

    Tell Philip congratulations! It’s always exciting when all your hard work pays off in the end! I look forward to seeing your artwork! Such talent!

  11. Ruthers says:

    wow merrick! I am excited to see your show next month! what is it that you do for work (other than painting)? I cannot believe you are graduated… congrats!!

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