A Nuuly Review

Have you heard of Nuuly? It’s a clothing rental company where you can rent a few pieces a month at a base price. My assistant, Laura, is here to give her Nuuly review!

Hi there, I’m Laura and I wanted to share a Nuuly review after using it for the past few months. I’ll explain why I chose Nuuly over similar companies, what pieces I’ve received, and answer some questions!

Why I Chose Nuuly

I am currently 3 months postpartum and most of my wardrobe doesn’t fit me well. I know I could buy clothing in my current size, but for me, even spending $4o on a pair of jeans that might not fit me in a year isn’t worth it. As I’m getting back into an exercise routine, eating routine, and adjusting breastfeeding frequency, I think my body will undergo some changes in sizing over the next few months. Rental seems like a great option! This way, I get some fun pieces in my current size that aren’t creating permanent space in my closet. I get 6 items for $88/month, which works for me. My rule for myself is to not spend any money on other clothes during my rental months. If I do, I need to pause. my next month of Nuuly – which is very easy to do!

There are a couple of rental options out there. Merrick uses and loves Rent the Runway, which is similar. For me, Nuuly is a little bit more “casual” wear which fits me as a work-at-home mom with not much to do outside of the home. Plus, they had a lot of brands I loved and fit my personal style more. I don’t really have a need to rent designer items, so for me, Nuuly was the winner. My referral code will get you $10 off your first month – you can sign up HERE.


Pieces I’ve Rented

  • PAIGE QUILTED COAT – Hands down my most worn item the first month. I LOVED this coat and debated purchasing it, but may rent it again in the fall and purchase it. Was a little worn down, but was lightweight while staying warm.
  • KNIT POLO SHIRT This wasn’t a big branch-out item, but something I wore quite often and really fit my personal style. It fit great and looked cute with high-waisted jeans – it was slightly cropped.
  • CROPPED WIDE LEG PANTS – I picked these because they came in a tall size, and really liked them. They weren’t quite weather-appropriate for February so I didn’t get a ton of wear out of them but still was happy with them.
  • VELVET SOMERSET MAXI DRESS – Nuuly has a TON of the ever-popular Somerset dress options. I got this for my baby’s blessing day at church and it was perfect, and breastfeeding-friendly!
  • GOOD AMERICAN METALLIC PANTS – These pants came BRAND NEW, with tags on! I got them to wear to the Taylor Swift concert and they were just perfect.  I only wore them once for the concert, but was so happy I got them and didn’t have to spend the $180 tag price to buy them outright.
  • AGOLDE BLACK JEANS – I’ve heard amazing things about AGOLDE jeans and was so excited to try them. All reviews said they ran a little small so I ordered them in a size above my current size and a higher size than all other bottoms I rented this month, but they were so small – I couldn’t even get them past my hips. Darn it!
  • KATE SPADE QUILTED COAT – This was the perfect piece for a rainy spring!
  • ANTRO LACE SWEATER – I loved this sweater in person, it was the perfect better than basic piece and I received so many compliments on it.
  • MIRANDA PEASANT BLOUSE – This was a hot commodity on Nuuly because it’s such a fun piece. I was able to snag one in my size for the month. While it’s a little out of my comfort zone, dressing in the bold pattern was really fun.
  • COLETTE CROPPED PANTS – Merrick owns these in olive green and burnt orange. I got these in a tall size in brown and they are perfect. I have them currently and I’m debating purchasing them because they’re just THAT good!

If you want to rent any of these items, you can sign up and add them to your cart! THIS LINK gets you $10 off your first month.


Nuuly Review Questions

  • How long do you keep items?
    • You can rent 6 items per month. All shipping is free and they make it super easy and convenient to return.
  • Is there an option to buy items you like?
    • YES! Because items on Nuuly are used, you can purchase them for discounted prices. It depends on the status of the item – my Good American jeans that arrived new with tags were only about 10% discounted but the quilted jacket that was a little more worn was available for me to purchase for over 60% off the original price.


  • What sizes do they go up to?
    • It varies brand by brand, but the vast majority of items have plus sizes available up to 26W.
  • Is the website easy to navigate?
    • I use the app, and it’s so incredibly easy. It’s laid out like you’re shopping at a real website, like on the H&M or Madewell app. There are featured collections, items, new arrivals, and much more. My favorite feature is the “closet”. As you’re scrolling through the app, you can add items to your closet with one touch. When it comes time to fill your Nuuly, just scroll through your closet for your favorite items.
  • Can you really pause/cancel at any time?
    • Yes, you can! I even tested it out myself and it’s incredibly simple to do. They don’t make you jump through hoops.
  • How is it different from Rent the Runway?
    • The first difference is pricing – Nuuly has one option, 6 items for $88/month (you can add two more per month for $20/each). Rent the Runway has a few monthly options starting at 5 items for $94/month. The next biggest difference is the available brands. Rent the Runways has more designer items (hence the name) and Nuuly is more elevated every day brands like Free People, Anthropologie, etc.
  • Are they petite-friendly?
    • Yes,  many items I’ve seen have petite sizing options.
  • Do they rent maternity clothes?
    • They sure do! Maternity jeans, dresses, sweaters, and more. Plus you can order sizes up in other items to become maternity friendly.
  • What do you do if an item doesn’t fit?
    • So this is my one and only issue with Nuuly – if an item doesn’t fit you’re unfortunately stuck with it for the month. However,  most items have tons of reviews with pictures and a sizing scale. You can find reviewers who are your same height and weight and compare sizing. You can see if an item runs large or small or true to size. If I can’t quite decide what to get, I go to the brand’s website and look at their sizing charts.
  • Are all the items brand new?
    • No, they are not. Some items will arrive new with tags but most are used. Don’t worry, they dry-clean each item before it’s sent to you. My Nuuly always arrives with a dry clean smell!
  • Average cost?
    • As of now, there’s only one pricing option at $88/month. When you add my Utah sales tax it comes out to $93/month. You can add two additional items for $20/month each. You can save $10 on your first month HERE.
  • Would they be a good resource for wedding guest dresses?
    • Absolutely yes. Wedding guest dresses, vacation outfits, concert outfits, family photo outfits and so much more. There are truly endless possibilities.

Do I Recommend Nuuly?

YES!  I honestly think I’ll use It for at least a year, even when my old clothes start fitting a little better. It’s just so fun to branch out and try things I wouldn’t normally spend money on. Lime green pants? Sure! A denim retro jumpsuit? Let’s try! It’s seriously so much fun and fills my online shopping need. I love scrolling their inventory and saving different options to rent in the future.

If you’re between sizes,  have a trip coming up, or are just feeling burnt out of your closet, give it a try. My referral code will get you $10 off your first month – you can sign up HERE.


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    Renting clothing can be a practical and cost-effective option, especially during a period of transition like postpartum when your body size and shape may be changing.

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