The New Lower Impact Workout Programs I’ve Been Trying

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I’ve been exploring some new workout programs and routines that focus on core strength and are lower-impact, after my multiple back injuries this past year. Here is what has worked for me! 


I’ve been running and weight lifting with different programs for years, but I’ve recently tried out some lower-impact workouts, like pilates and core workouts.

I got a back spasm for the first time a little over year ago, and then had two more over the last year. They’re scary, and are totally debilitating. I’ve learned that low core strength is a big reason for these back spasms, so I’ve been very focused on strengthening my core with very intentional workouts.

I’ve already seen improvements, but I know this is a long game!


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My New Low-Impact Workouts

1. Nancy Andersson Ab Rehab program. I’ve heard about this program for years, both from following Nancy Anderson, and also my sister did this program after she had her four kids. I’d heard amazing things, but since it’s specifically targeting postpartum women, I didn’t think much of it for myself. But then after my third back spasm, I reached out to Nancy to see if it would be a good fit for specifically building up core strength and preventing spasms, and she emphatically confirmed that it is. I’m only a few weeks into the program, but I’m really enjoying it. It’s very slow paced, but I love the intentionality and the mix of breathing exercises and low impact core exercises to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, strength core, and improve posture. If you’re postpartum, pregnant, have diastasis recti, you MUST check out this program.

2. Reformers Pilates. I’ve been wanting to try reformers pilates for years and finally pulled the trigger on it after my third back spasm, cause I wanted to try everything! I decided to try it for one month to see if I liked it, and I have loved it! It’s very slow paced, but I’m exhausted by the end and my muscles are so sore. It works all kinds of muscles I didn’t know I had! The downside for me is that it’s fairly expensive, so I’m not committing to do it forever, but I’m really enjoying a class and teacher setting, which I’ve never done in my life. I just googled pilates studios in my area and found one that had beginner classes and offered a trial class. I signed up and have done one class per week ever since.

3. Sweat AppI’ve been using this app for almost 8 years and it still proves to be a favorite. I’m being a little more careful and using my breathing techniques that I’m learning in pilates and Ab Rehab so I continue to grow my muscles without getting injured. So far so good! I love how many workout options there are within the app, from weights to yoga to cardio, and it’s great for beginners and advanced users. The only downside for me is that the weight workouts I’m doing are all like 45-50 minutes, which is so long especially if I also want to do a run. I usually will skip the last lap on each circuit, and that makes it about 30 minutes for me, which is just what I want. It’s an easy fix!

4. Chloe Ting YouTube. My mom just introduced me to this YouTube channel, and it has really quick and effective workouts for anyone! If I’m short on time and want a quick workout, this is a fantastic and free resource. My mom is currently doing one of her longer programs, but when I do it, I just pick a video based on how much time I have, and then crank through it. It always works up a great sweat and Chloe is darling. I like the format – it’s fast paced, she talks through the workouts, and you can see on the screen a preview of what’s next. Highly recommend! She also mentions in her videos that she has a new app, but I haven’t tried that.

I’m still running or incline walking every day, and I really enjoy that. As the weather warms up, I’ll be running outside again, but for now, the treadmill is where I’m at!


I hope this is helpful if you’re also looking for good workouts for core strength and beyond!


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